Ekena Millwork Nevio Wrought Iron Bracket

Phillip from Frankton, Colorado has shared with us his Ekena Millwork Nevio wrought iron brackets he recently installed in his newly renovated kitchen. Our wide selection of wrought iron brackets come in many shapes and finishes, and Phillip chose the sleek but subtle antiqued bronze that matches beautifully with the rest of his décor. Other antiqued … Read more

Ekena Millwork Deco Ceiling Medallion

This beautiful ceiling medallion resides in the lovely state of Kansas in the home of a valued Architectural Depot customer named Bill. Its story is like most other Architectural Depot products: it was needed by a customer, chosen, purchased, delivered and installed.  But, with this particular ceiling medallion there was more to its story. Bill … Read more

Custom Double Panel Vinyl Shutters

The state of Ohio has such beautiful architecture that can be seen from the Cincinnati Museum Center to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The historic buildings inspire others when remodeling their own homes. This is the case for Steve from Mentor, Ohio. Steve recently was in the market to increase the … Read more

Ekena Millwork Onlays in Oregon Home

Lisa from the beautiful state of Oregon recently sent in her project pictures that feature some of our products. With a love for monochromatic and neutral home décor, she used our products to spruce up regular everyday items! Check out the pictures below! PROJECT PICTURES If you want to follow her journey in interior décor, … Read more

Ekena Millwork Fiberthane System on Balcony

Les from Carmel, Indiana recently sent in his latest home improvement project pictures. He purchased the balustrade systems to enhance the look of his deck. Combining the Newel style post and the Bradford balusters, the deck looks completely new and elegant! Check out the link below to explore our assortment of fiberthane balustrade you can … Read more

Nantucket Window Planter Box

Did you know that there is a variety of different products offered on Architectural Depot? There are plenty of items for the interior of the home that can range from beams to wainscot paneling. From awnings to planter boxes, we have a diverse collection of products for the outside of the home! You see pictures … Read more

Granada Ceiling Medallion with Chandelier

Darla and Richard from New Castle, Pennsylvania were in need of a ceiling medallion to pair with their newly purchased French empire crystal chandelier. They purchased an Ekena Millwork Granada ceiling medallion. Once it was delivered, they used a pearl mist rust-oleum spray paint along with a gold acrylic paint to create a delicate coat of … Read more

Faux Wood Beams for the Dining Room

Eric, one of our recent customers from Clovis, California shared their home improvement project with us that featured our faux wood beams. Though the customer’s ceiling is not extremely high, it is the perfect area for the addition of beams. Before the beams were installed, the room looked quite plain. Since their addition, there is more … Read more

Ekena Millwork Stockport Bracket for Fireplace Mantel

Mike from Main sent in his lovely finished home improvement project. He used the Ekena Millwork Stockport brackets on the fireplace mantel. Creating depth to the area, the brackets really tie the project together. These brackets are truly unique in design and function. Primarily used in decorative applications urethane brackets can make a dramatic difference … Read more

Endura-Stone Columns on Massachusetts Home

The ever-popular Endura-Stone columns make an appearance in another Architectural Depot customer’s project photo. Neal from Newton, Massachusetts purchased two columns for his beautiful home. Installing them at the very front of his home, there is a sense of elegance. All in all, we at Architectural Depot think it looks great! This Endura-Stone Column is a beautifully crafted addition … Read more

Ekena Millwork Edwards Chair Rail Moulding

Home owners have shown an increase interest in a specific style of moulding according to recent trends home improvement trends. Often overlooked, this type of moulding is both decorative and even functional! The simple addition of this item adds width, depth and height to any boring, basic room. The item is none other than chair … Read more

Western Red Cedar Imperial Brace

Michelle from Santa Cruz, California recently sent in pictures of her completed wood brace project! Painted white to match the wood posts, the Western Red Cedar Imperial  brace beautifully accents the rest of the porch. The brace also made a good object to decorate for the holiday season! Lastly, Michelle left us with this compliment: these [braces] … Read more

Builders Choice Grey Vinyl Shutters on Home

Raised Panel Shutters are just one of the many styles of shutters you can use to make your home stand out. These are a beautiful alternative to traditional Louver Shutters, and the vinyl material keeps the installation process easy. Check out these project pictures and shop today! Select from our various colors and sizes to … Read more

Ekena Millwork Felix Ceiling Medallion

Tracy, from, Maryland recently purchased a new Felix Ceiling Medallion to complement her light fixture.  Not only did it enhance her ceiling, Sally made note of how the medallion “Easily mounted on the ceiling” and “Formed a nice shape with the chandelier.” Our medallions are excellent additions to ceiling appliances, lightweight, and easy to install.  They also come … Read more

Ekena Millwork Olympic Wood Bracket

Brackets are some of the best selling products on Architectural Depot. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so there are literally thousands of options. Installed in all sorts of ways, the brackets are truly a perfect product for any home improvement project. Leslie from beautiful Flower Mound, Texas recently had a … Read more

Square Tapered Craftsman Column for Tennessee Home

Glen from Crossville, Tennessee sent us stunning pictures of his recent home improvement project using our square tapered Craftsman columns. Adding character and depth to his home, the columns make the backyard a more inviting part of the home where great conversations can take place. The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular … Read more

Decorative ekena Millwork Vertical Gable Vent Louver

There are a couple options for getting a new vent, but the main two are functional or non-functional/ decorative. Depending on the intended use, the majority of our customers choose to purchase the decorative louver vent. Appearance wise, there is no obvious difference between the functional and non-functional vents. Neal from Houston, Texas needed a … Read more

Ekena Millwork Maple Kent Raised Panel Cabinet Column

More often than not, when somebody mentions columns, the idea that comes to mind are tall, load bearing columns with elaborate capitals. Luckily, there is so much more to them! They come in different sizes, shapes, material and applications. A recent Architectural Depot customer purchased a couple of Ekena Millwork Kent raised panel cabinet column for his … Read more

Ekena Millwork Tirana EnduraWall 3D Wall Panels

Cara from Tennessee recently purchased several Tirana EnduraWall 3D wall panels and used them on her kitchen remodel. Assembling the panels on the kitchen nook, the customer used the panels to create a contemporary artsy look. Give your room extra depth and dimension by adding a unique 3D decorative wall covering. EnduraWall panels brings your … Read more

Endurathane Ceiling Beams

Many homes have high ceilings that often get neglected because the task of getting a tall enough ladder is unappealing. This should not be the case! Homeowners should take pride in the uniqueness of their home and utilize it. Most commonly, customers who have high ceilings use either photos or art to climb the wall … Read more

Ekena Millwork Jefferson Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions range in an assortment of styles, sizes and shapes. Some are fairly ornate with intricate details, while others are beautifully simple. We offer them all online at ArchitecturalDepot.com. Bill from Yorkville, California purchased an Ekena Millwork Jefferson ceiling medallion for his home. Though this medallion comes in an assortment of different finishes, Bill … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Custom Column Shipping

Columns range in sizes and shapes. Typically, they are large and require to be shipped via a common carrier truck. Our warehouse and shipping teams often build custom boxes for our larger, non-traditional column orders. Each box was carefully designed by our head warehouse member and tested for the best durability and strength. As previously … Read more