Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Dublin Casing

Pictured below are several Ekena Millwork Dublin window and door casing on a padded rack. We use these padded rolling racks to transport larger products. By using these racks, the probability of scuffmarks on the products is reduced exponentially. These particular Dublin casings are on their way to be trimmed by one of our warehouse team members. After they are trimmed and inspected for quality control, the Dublin casings will be packaged and shipped to the customer.

Our beautiful casing adds a decorative, historic, feel to walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces. They are made from a high density urethane which gives each piece the unique details that mimic that of traditional plaster and wood designs, but at a fraction of the weight. This means a simple and easy installation for you. These are also commonly used for an inexpensive wainscot look.

If you are looking for other urethane products for your home, feel free to check out the collection of Ekena Millwork urethane products, including casing, via the link below.


Tuscany Vinea Wrought Iron Corbels

Christy from HouseSold Realty emailed a finished project picture of her newly installed Tuscany Vinea Wrought Iron Corbels. Perfectly matching, the corbels and the clock complement each other in color and style. Christy used these corbels to load the weight of the wood beam shelf along with the miscellaneous items on it. The load bearing capacity of these corbels are the perfect amount for this particular project.

The Tuscany Vinea Corbel is durable and long lasting. When installed correctly, these corbels can support up to 110 lbs of weight! Not only are they functional, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Place the corbels under an extended granite workspace counter, island or shelf area and you will see a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the room. Each corbel is crafted using 0.6 mm metal and given a nice powder coated black finish that makes it such a nice product.

Feel free to peruse our full collection of brackets and corbels via the link below to find the perfect product for your next home improvement project!


Square Tapered Columns for Backyard Project

Square Tapered Columns for Backyard  Project

Looking through past project pictures, we stumbled upon this particular project. The customer used the Endura-Stone square columns in their backyard. As depicted by the project picture, these columns add timeless elegance to the already lovely backyard scene.

Beautiful and easy to assemble, these columns made this specific home improvement project a breeze! This column is crafted in fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a durable material for modern times, and one that has the elegance of stone. Our FRP columns are comparatively lightweight, easy to install and impact resistant. The columns are resistant to environmental damage that naturally occurs with exterior wood columns because of the fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) material.

We encourage you to check out our full selection of columns via the link below!


Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion

Martin from Wheaton, Illinois purchased an Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion not too long ago and just sent us his finished project picture. Wow. It looks amazing.

He painted the ceiling medallion an antique bronze color to match the light fixture. There was a seamless transition between the end of the ceiling medallion and the beginning of the light fixture. The fine details of the ceiling medallion mimicked the wrought iron braces of the light. Martin did a wonderful job on his project by making every detail count.

The Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion comes in a standard factory primed white color that is easy to paint or apply a faux finish. However, there are so many more options to choose from that are available online. Customers can pick a colored finish, whether or not the medallion is split in two or whether there is a center hole drilled out. The combinations are endless, so finding the right ceiling medallion for your next home improvement project will be easy.

Feel free to check out the full collection of ceiling medallions online via the link below!


Endurathane Faux Wood Beam Used as Shelf on Mantel

Gayle from Arizona recently finished installing her Endurathane faux wood beam that she purchased a couple months ago. Typically, customers install the beams as decorative ceiling beams; however, this customer went the more creative route. Using the beam as one long shelf, Gayle completed her mantle piece. It is supporting a couple plants and candles as depicted by the photo that was emailed to use! We admire her creativity and thinks it looks beautiful!

The Ekena Millwork endurathane faux wood beams are a gorgeous addition to any home. They provide the look and feel of real wood, but without the maintenance! Compared to real wood beams, they are much lighter allowing for easy installation. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, they are affordable as well! Finally, there are several different faux wood species to choose from to create a unique look.

With little maintenance, affordability and aesthetic beauty, why not purchase your very own Ekena Millwork faux wood beam?

Check out the link below with the full line of beams and rafter tails!


Behind the Scenes: Two Piece Ceiling Medallions Part 2

There are several different styles to choose from, so why go with a two piece ceiling medallion? Well, we came up with a couple extra reasons via the list below. Check them out!

Saves time and money

  1. You don’t have to remove the light or fan fixture to install the ceiling medallion, or run the risk of damaging your property.
  2. You don’t have to cut the medallion yourself.
  3. At Architectural Depot, our warehouse team takes the time to cut clean, straight lines.
  4. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to install!

Allows for more creativity

  1. Who says you have to only use them on ceilings? Use it to create beautiful wall décor.
  2. Purchase a variety of different styles and mix-n-match different halves for a unique look.
  3. Two piece ceiling medallions can be used either together or separately.
  4. The two pieces can be painted or stained different shades to add contrast and depth – or just leave it factory white!
  5. Each customer is unique and there is never a project that is 100% the same as another
  6. They can be used to create a unique picture frame for a photo of a family member.
  7. The two piece ceiling medallion can be used to make a decorative mirror.

Two-ceiling medallions make home improvement projects a breeze.  They save both time and money, along with potential frustrations of removing light fixtures or fans. Plus, creating unique looks for your home is quick and fun with two piece ceiling medallions!

Check out the full collection via the link below!


Richmond 3D Wall Panels for Living Room

Check out this sweet living room set up from one of our customers who used our Richmond EnduraWall 3D wall panels! Alexandra from Florida recently purchased several 3D wall panels and used them on her living room remodel. Assembling the panels within a black border, the customer used the panels to create a contemporary art look. By placing the television in the center of the panels, each show that is watched has a depth to it that would not be achieved without the 3D wall panels.

Give your room extra depth and dimension by adding a unique 3D decorative wall covering. EnduraWall panels brings your room to life by adding a unique design element that turns an ordinary wall into a focal point. With dozens of designs to choose from, you can transform your room into a talking point or simply give a boring wall new life by using a design that provides subtle texture. Higher-quality and more durable than the standard “fiber” wall panels, our EnduraWall panels are not only perfect for hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail outlets, lobbies, and commercial locations, but also great for homes that simply want to make an impression.

Considering getting your own wall panel? Check out the broad selection via the link below!


Ekena Millwork Pompeii Ceiling Rings for Entry Way

Michael from Rochester Hills, Michigan sent in these beautiful pictures of his latest project.  For this project, he used multiple Pompeii Ceiling Rings to create a wonderful ceiling design. Creatively, Michael placed the ceiling ring pieces in an intricate design that created depth to the entryway. The rings that Michael used come primed in a factory white color that matched the door trim.

Sold as ¼ of a complete circle, the Ekena Millwork Pompeii ceiling rings are perfect for any ceiling décor project. Whether or not the pieces are used to make a circle or some other design, the rings allow room for creativity in the project. Typically, ceiling rings are paired with ceiling medallions to highlight focal points on the ceiling like fans or chandeliers. Applications for these products can also include accenting mirrors, photos and other wall décor! Finally, the customer will receive the ceiling rings fully primed and ready for paint or faux finish.

Check out the wide variety of ceiling rings using the link below!


Endura-Stone Columns Used to Create a Raised Bed

Last month, we received some beautiful project pictures that featured several Endura-Stone columns. BrightView Landscape Services, the customer, utilized the columns to create a custom raised bed for a college campus. We love how it fits with the surrounding quad area and adds functionality to the vicinity.

Both beautiful and functional, the Endura-Stone columns are every homeowners dream column. When properly installed, each column is fully load bearing. Traditionally stunning with modern durability,  these columns are perfect for both interior and exterior applications as they are impervious to insects rotting and moisture damage.  Finally, the customer has the option of applying a coat of paint or a faux finish to the column to perfectly fit the project’s needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a column and would like to see the full selection, please click the link below!


Ekena Millwork Clarksville Rubberwood Bracket

Timeless, brackets are used in a variety of different home improvement projects. It does not matter if you are an everyday DIY’er or the local contractor, it is agreed that brackets are a great addition to shelves, mantels and countertops because of their beautiful design and functionality.

Recently, Bill from Florida ordered a couple of Ekena Millwork Clarksville wood brackets for his shelf project. Visually appealing, the rubberwood species of wood has a beautiful dense grain making it perfect to be painted or stained. In Bill’s case, the painted the rubberwood brackets a bright white to match the shelf. He let us know that the brackets perfectly held up the bronze and resin dinosaur sculpture that is on display.

We think that the project looks awesome!

The Ekena Millwork Clarksville wood bracket is a best seller among the collection of wood brackets due to its simple beauty. Not only is this bracket lovely, it is also load bearing. Homeowners can use these brackets to help support countertops and shelves. When installed correctly, the bracket can support up to 250 lbs. Additionally, the bracket doe come in a variety of different wood species and sizes. With such a large selection to choose from, there is a bracket that will fit your next project’s needs!

Feel free to check out the full collection of brackets for a more broad selection to choose from via the link below!