Ekena Millwork Pescadero Wood Corbel

The chic rustic styling of wood products in the home is a trend that we cannot stay away from here at Architectural Depot. We have had several customer product pictures that capture the rustic style, but this blog post is for one project that caught our eye.

Mark from lovely Brookings, South Dakota purchased several Ekena Millwork Pescadero rough sawn corbel for his living room project. With several different wood species to choose from, he ultimately went with the Douglas Fir option. This worked out perfectly when he stained them later. Stained and installed, Mark took several shots of the finished job and sent them to us. They look great!

This corbel is one of the many products that are in the Rustic Collection. Each item in the Rustic Collection is a one-of-a-kind product. How so? Well, the wood products are not kiln dried, so the products will still contain the natural variations that the specific wood species offers. Some of these natural variations include textures, knots, sapwood and heartwood content.

To get one of your own Rustic Collection products, check out the link below!