Top 5 Most Cost Effective Home Improvement Projects With A Big Impact

It’s no secret that uncertainty around the economy is still looming large with a lot of homeowners. While there is still a healthy appetite to improve their homes, homeowners are understandably looking for affordable projects with big impacts.  That’s why we are excited to share this list of the top 5 home improvement projects that … Read more

Why Should You Update Your Home?

Home improvement projects can be a great way to add value, functionality, and style to your home. Whether you are looking to update a single room or undertake a larger renovation, there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs and budget. One popular home improvement project is kitchen remodeling. A kitchen … Read more

What is Millwork?

home with millwork

In the picture above, how many different categories of millwork products do you think there is? The answer…12! The categories include: Shutters Columns Windows Doors Balustrade & Railing Corbels Rafter Tails Braces Brackets Gable Vents Siding Moulding & Trim In other words, Millwork plays a big role in homes like yours and your neighbors home, … Read more

The Perfect Wall Using Ekena’s Panel Moulding Systems

When it comes to creating the perfect wall, it’s all about what perfect means to you. Whether you’re looking to do an accent wall, or elevate all of the walls in a room, the panel molding system from Ekena Millwork is the perfect solution. Although it may look complicated and expensive to achieve the look … Read more

How Fretwork Can Transform a Room

fretwork, wall panels, wall panel, panel, wall, fretworks, fretwork panels, pvc fretwork, wood fretwork, wall panel, panel, pvc panel, wood panel

Home renovations come with many decisions to be made. You’re redoing the look of your home, which is a big deal. Adding a touch of new paint can truly breathe new air into the environment. Sometimes, however, you want to go beyond paint by adding an eye-catching centerpiece with increased texture. Crown moulding is often … Read more

3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels

Create a stunning visual effect for walls and ceilings using our PVC 3D Wall Panels. Use them to make a unique headboard or even finish doors and furniture pieces with these ultra-versatile panels. They come in a two different sizes and over 100 unique and beautiful designs so project ideas are only limited by your … Read more

Vintage Wood Corbels & Brackets

vintage wood corbels and brackets

You will love these carefully designed corbels made to reflect aged, antique and rustic beauty. They are constructed of quality hardwood, made to last. Use them to make charming shelves, decorate corners of entry ways, bookends, décor and more. Each bracket comes with pre-drilled hanging slots for quick and easy installation

Contemporary Ceiling Medallions

contemporary ceiling medallions

No two homes are the same.  That’s why our Contemporary Ceiling Medallions are such an amazing addition to your lighting fixtures.  Ceiling Medallions provide style and function by adding charm to your ceiling while also covering up installation holes and imperfections. Our Contemporary Ceiling Medallions come in 20+ designs in sizes from 10″ to 40″ … Read more


Rustic Timber is used to create a large selection of different products for both the interior and exterior of your home.  Rustic timber is made from real hard wood, mostly red cedar and douglas fir, and they are a great fit for the harsh outside conditions.  We offer rustic timber options for the following product … Read more

Ekena Millwork Strasbourg Two Piece Ceiling Medallion

Jeremy from Brooklyn, New York shared with us his Ekena Millwork Strasbourg two-piece ceiling medallion. The Strasbourg two-piece ceiling medallion used in this project pairs elegantly with this classic styled glass chandelier. Our ceiling medallions are lightweight and easy to install, yet durably constructed of high quality urethane. They are fully primed and ready for … Read more

Timeline Skinnies Wood Panels

Mike from North Carolina has shared this awesome shot of their new accent wall in this cozy beach house! This look was completed using the versatile Timeline Skinnies Wood Panels provided by us at Architectural Depot. These stylish wood panels are lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for your next home … Read more

Ekena Millwork Shabby Chic Custom Hutch Project

Looking for great ideas to give your home some personality that represents who you are? A great, inexpensive way to do this is to simply accent your furniture and cabinetry with decorative onlays. Owner of Second Chance Art & Acessories, Amy Manny, from Minooka, Illinois recently custom built a beautiful hutch for one of her … Read more

Ekena Millwork Pescadero Wood Corbel

The chic rustic styling of wood products in the home is a trend that we cannot stay away from here at Architectural Depot. We have had several customer product pictures that capture the rustic style, but this blog post is for one project that caught our eye. Mark from lovely Brookings, South Dakota purchased several … Read more

Beaumont Ceiling Medallion Project

Bonnie shared with us her lovely bathroom lighting project. This lifestyle blogger has exquisite taste; just take a look at her social media accounts! With more than twenty thousand followers, her opinion is taken with high esteem. So, when she shared her project with us, we knew we had to share it with you! She … Read more

Ekena Millwork Diane Traditional Ironcrest Bracket

A recent Architectural Depot customer finished their remodel and sent us the results! They use the Ekena Millwork Diane traditional ironcrest bracket. The ironcrest brackets went really well with the rest of their breakfast nook setup because of the western red cedar and iron bracket combo matching the chairs. Our Rustic Collection is an instant … Read more

Ekena Millwork Caputo Ceiling Medallion & Ring

When updating your home with beautiful ceiling elements, don’t limit yourself to just one! Ceiling rings make your project stand out and are the perfect addition to a ceiling medallion. Kevin from Illinois found the perfect match for his room remodel. He used the Ekena Millwork Caputo series ceiling ring and medallion for the project. … Read more

Urethane Bracket for Kitchen Countertop

Earlier this summer, Whitney from Parkville, Missouri purchased a pair of urethane brackets. The reason for this purchase was to enhance the look of her newly remodeled kitchen. Painted to accent the surrounding walls, the corbels found their permanent homes parallel to the kitchen stove. Overall, she was satisfied with the ending result of his kitchen … Read more

Endurathane Beams for High Ceiling

One of the newest, products to the Ekena Millwork line of products are the faux wood beams. They have been selling really well and one of our customers, Walter from California, sent use some lovely project pictures! PROJECT PICTURES (PT. 1) The Ekena Millwork endurathane faux wood beams are a gorgeous addition to any home. They … Read more

Ekena Millwork Haylynn Ceiling Medallion

Kim from Spartanburg, South Carolina recently installed an Ekena Millwork Haylynn ceiling medallion from Architectural Depot in their gorgeous home! The elegant medallion is the perfect match for an equally elegant chandelier. Kim opted for the factory primed finish, but the Haylynn (and all Ekena Millwork) ceiling medallions come in a multitude of stylish finishes to guarantee … Read more

Ekena Millwork Nevio Wrought Iron Bracket

Phillip from Frankton, Colorado has shared with us his Ekena Millwork Nevio wrought iron brackets he recently installed in his newly renovated kitchen. Our wide selection of wrought iron brackets come in many shapes and finishes, and Phillip chose the sleek but subtle antiqued bronze that matches beautifully with the rest of his décor. Other antiqued … Read more

Ekena Millwork Deco Ceiling Medallion

This beautiful ceiling medallion resides in the lovely state of Kansas in the home of a valued Architectural Depot customer named Bill. Its story is like most other Architectural Depot products: it was needed by a customer, chosen, purchased, delivered and installed.  But, with this particular ceiling medallion there was more to its story. Bill … Read more

Ekena Millwork Onlays in Oregon Home

Lisa from the beautiful state of Oregon recently sent in her project pictures that feature some of our products. With a love for monochromatic and neutral home décor, she used our products to spruce up regular everyday items! Check out the pictures below! PROJECT PICTURES If you want to follow her journey in interior décor, … Read more