Top 5 Most Cost Effective Home Improvement Projects With A Big Impact

It’s no secret that uncertainty around the economy is still looming large with a lot of homeowners. While there is still a healthy appetite to improve their homes, homeowners are understandably looking for affordable projects with big impacts.  That’s why we are excited to share this list of the top 5 home improvement projects that … Read more

Why Should You Update Your Home?

Home improvement projects can be a great way to add value, functionality, and style to your home. Whether you are looking to update a single room or undertake a larger renovation, there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs and budget. One popular home improvement project is kitchen remodeling. A kitchen … Read more

What is Millwork?

home with millwork

In the picture above, how many different categories of millwork products do you think there is? The answer…12! The categories include: Shutters Columns Windows Doors Balustrade & Railing Corbels Rafter Tails Braces Brackets Gable Vents Siding Moulding & Trim In other words, Millwork plays a big role in homes like yours and your neighbors home, … Read more

3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels

Create a stunning visual effect for walls and ceilings using our PVC 3D Wall Panels. Use them to make a unique headboard or even finish doors and furniture pieces with these ultra-versatile panels. They come in a two different sizes and over 100 unique and beautiful designs so project ideas are only limited by your … Read more


Rustic Timber is used to create a large selection of different products for both the interior and exterior of your home.  Rustic timber is made from real hard wood, mostly red cedar and douglas fir, and they are a great fit for the harsh outside conditions.  We offer rustic timber options for the following product … Read more

Builder’s Choice Open Louver Exterior Vinyl Shutters

    Gary from Canfield, Ohio, showed off his new project, implementing our Open Louver Vinyl Exterior Shutters to dramatically enhance the look and curb appeal of his home. He compared his original exterior in the top photos, with large, louvered brown shutters– with the new and improved look of the thin, black vinyl shutters in the … Read more

Pacific Columns Endura-Stone Square Shaft Column

Rhett from Tampa, Florida shared with us their newly installed Endura-Stone square shaft non-tapered smooth finish columns. These columns are beautifully placed indoors along the archway leading to their living room where it was painted to seamlessly match the rest of the decor. Endura-Stone composite architectural columns are perfect for interior or exterior installations. The historically … Read more

AmeriCraft Architectural Collection Real Wood Two Batten Board-N-Batten Shutters

Jared from Richland, Washington installed AmeriCraft’s real wood two batten Board-N-Batten shutters. The wooden shutters allow for the up-stair windows to stand out and the matching paint helps accentuate it. The Architectural Collection from AmeriCraft offers a variety of options to make your hand crafted wood shutters unique to you. Choose from four popular wood … Read more

Builder’s Choice Open Louver Vinyl Shutters

Joel from Bedford, New Hampshire installed Builder’s Choice open louver vinyl shutters to their recently restored farmhouse. The restoration of the farmhouse turned out beautifully and the shutters blended seamlessly with the new aesthetic as well! Builder’s Choice produces quality shutters at an affordable price, and with plenty of styles and colors to choose from, … Read more

Fypon Doorway Trim

If you’re making plans to improve the design of your home, don’t forget about your front door! Crosshead and pilaster combos are an easy and cost effective way to increase the visual appeal to your doorways and windows. Rizwana from Alexandria, Virginia applied a Fypon crosshead with bottom trim crosshead with a pair of plain pilasters with … Read more

Ekena Millwork Merced Wood Brace

John from Hickory, North Carolina recently installed several Ekena Millwork Merced smooth braces from our Rustic Collection in this gorgeous outdoor patio. Our rustic wood millwork appears to be an excellent fit for the patio and matches seamlessly with the rest of the wooden aesthetic. There are many styles of braces in our Rustic Collection. … Read more

Victorian Styled Gable Pediments

Creating unique spaces for others is a hard task when you have a certain vision in your mind. This is especially true for rental properties like airbnb’s. The little details that are found in these places are worth all the work put in. Brandon from Idaho recently purchased several Victorian styled gable pediments. He used … Read more

Mounting Block for American Flag

It seems like everyone is hanging some sort of flag on the outside of their home now a days. Well of course! Summer tends to bring people outside of the house and why not make the outside of the house more appealing to look at. The issue with putting a flag on the outside of … Read more

Endurathane Stacked Stone Panels on Ohio Home

Faux rock wall panels are a current architectural trend on the rise. You can see walls in hotels with a faux rock wall behind a waterfall. This works perfectly since most faux rock walls are water resistant. Hailing from beautiful Ohio, Michael shared with us his finished Ekena Millwork stacked endurathane faux stone panel project! … Read more

Craftsman Columns for Craftsman Home

Columns can be seen in a variety of different homes in a variety of different styles. Round fluted columns are found in mansions while square columns are found in Craftsman styled homes; both are beautiful. This column project comes from Manchester, Maryland from our recent Architectural Depot customer, Andrew. We love how the columns frame … Read more

Craftsman Square Columns on Home Remodel Project

Dana had a beautiful home remodel that featured the Craftsman square columns that we simply had to share! PROJECT PICTURES The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular PVC for quick, easy assembly and virtually maintenance-free! Classic Craftsman Series Columns are not prone to the same environmental damage as real wood, … Read more

Cranberry Shutters on Home in New York

Shutters have been in popular demand as the summer months are upon us. The weather is warmer, so it makes sense that people are catching up on their exterior home improvement projects. Dominick just purchased some shutters and let us know what he thought about them! “We absolutely loved our shutters as they complimented our … Read more

Ekena Millwork Davenport Gable Bracket

Bryan from Linn, Missouri sent in this lovely gable bracket project. This is the Ekena Millwork Davenport gable bracket in a Douglas fir wood species. He ordered two brackets and placed them in the high ceilings of his home. Our Rustic Collection is an instant classic. Our Rustic wood millwork utilizes the technologies of today … Read more

Madison Lamp Post for Massachusetts Home

Did you know that there are so many products on Architectural Depot? We have everything from screws to shutters to cupolas to columns! One of the most overlooked categories on our site is the yard and garden section. All of the neat products listed there for purchase will happily surprise you. Gregory from Douglas, Massachusetts … Read more

Berry Red Shutters on Yellow Home

Recent Architectural Depot customer, Marlyn from Texas, shared with us her finished shutter project. These berry red shutters look perfect on the yellow home. PROJECT PICTURES The best part about these shutters is how affordable they are!  It is definitely worth investing in by increasing the value of your home while paying for less! Still … Read more

Ekena Millwork Imperial Brackets

Athena from Connecticut recently purchased a couple of Ekena Millwork Imperial brackets for the entryway of her home. Out of the several wood species available, she went with the Western Red Cedar as it matched well with her already present wood shutters. The warm red tones of the wood compliment the brick pathway to the … Read more

Thorton Wood Braces on Front Porch

Wayne from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania shared with us his beautiful newly remodeled front porch that include the Thorton wood braces.  He let us know that he “loves the new front porch!” With the fresh wood braces, the house has a whole new look! The Thorton craftsman brackets are custom made by our production team. Since … Read more

Ekena Millwork Seville Crossheads on Front of Home

Julie from Colorado shows her patriotism in her project picture! Pictured below are the Ekena Millwork Seville crossheads beautifully framing the windows of Julie’s home.  She used a combination of different sized crossheads for the different sized windows. Remodelers, builders, and homeowners looking to enhance their next project by adding more curb appeal to the … Read more