Beautiful Copper Weathervanes

copper weathervane

We offer an extensive selection of rooftop weathervanes that are sure to brighten the heights of your home. Our collection includes the most well known and classic weathervane ornaments, as well as many delightful modern creations. The Builders Series includes traditional silhouettes in rich and versatile black. The Classic Series includes many of the same … Read more

Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding

We offer an extensive selection of finely carved crown moulding styles. Our crown moulding selection is sure to enrich any room. Our moulding is traditional in form, and features classic decorative elements. Whether you are looking for crisp acanthus, festive grape, cheerful floral motifs, or simply elegant moulding profiles, Architectural Depot has a crown moulding … Read more

Ekena Millwork Shabby Chic Custom Hutch Project

Looking for great ideas to give your home some personality that represents who you are? A great, inexpensive way to do this is to simply accent your furniture and cabinetry with decorative onlays. Owner of Second Chance Art & Acessories, Amy Manny, from Minooka, Illinois recently custom built a beautiful hutch for one of her … Read more

Simplified Elegance

Good day everyone! Today is simple—Architectural Depot customer, Gina, shared with us her newly installed Traditional Ceiling Medallion with Acanthus Leaves. We think this ceiling medallion is quite subtle with just the right of amount of decorative accents for that perfect and simplified, yet elegant appeal to those looking for it. We love it, Gina! … Read more

Address Sign Post

Did you know we also offer various products to bring life to your yard and garden? Architectural Depot customer, Tim, was excited to share with us his Address Sign Post! Take a look: It is such an unique and elegant way to display your address, from the otherwise run-of-the-mill entryway plaques. Your curb side is … Read more

Simple & Effective – Builder’s Choice Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters

Hope everyone is well! Today we have some humble, yet effective Builder’s Choice Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters.  Architectural Depot customer, Scott, from Massachusetts shared with us just how beautiful these shutters can be. Take a look below: Wonderful looking home, Scott!  They look great. The best part about these shutters is how affordable they … Read more

York Ceiling Medallion coupled with Wakefield Ceiling Ring

Architectural Depot customer, Philip, shared with us this really amazing ceiling medallion project.  With some interesting geometric designs and accents coupled with our York Ceiling Medallion and Wakefield Ceiling Ring—not to mention a killer lamp to seal it all together—what you get is a truly unique set, sure to become the focal point of any room. … Read more

Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion

Architectural Depot customer, Nilda, from sunny Florida wanted to share with us this very beautiful Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion.  It is within our top 5 most popular ceiling medallions, and for good reasons.  It’s affordable & sure to add that exquisite elegance to any room! “Bang for your buck”, anyone? Thanks Nilda for sharing, it … Read more

Majestic Ceiling Medallion & Rosettes Display from JNK Concepts

Felipe Ospina, Director of Development of JNK Concepts—a company dedicated to bringing worldwide cuisine around the United States also happened to be an Architectural Depot customer!  Felipe requested a wide assortment of ceiling medallions and rosettes to help make his design vision for the Enolo Wine Cafe a stunning reality. Take a good look below: … Read more

Beaux-Arts “Plasterwork” Recreation

Sometimes our customers will utilize our products in the most unexpected, clever, and unique ways that yields amazing results. Mark, from California, was working with one of his client who wanted to bring home a piece of neoclassical architectural style, Beaux-Arts. Mark tackled this project by flipping Legacy Acanthus Corbels, bisecting our Bistrol Ceiling Medallions, … Read more

Exterior House Project

Architectural Depot customer, Bradley, sent us these jaw-dropping pictures of an exterior house project using our Turncraft Poly-Classic Smooth Tapered Column, Architectural Collection Real Wood Batten-n-Board Shutters, and a Eyebrow Gable Louver Vent. The pictures speak for themselves.   Thanks Bradley for sharing these with us. Many of our customers are simply talented and amazing … Read more

Baile Ceiling Medallion

Architectural Depot customer, Suellen, wanted to share with us her newly installed Baile Ceiling Medallion—and we wanted to share with the rest of you!  This is an absolutely beautiful ceiling medallion filled with intricate flora and patterns which really comes alive when shadows are cast as shown below. Been wanting to add some life to … Read more

The Four Board Joined Shutters

Edie, from Ohio, was very kind to send us her pictures of the new shutters she got from Architectural Depot.  She is using one of our most popular shutters, the Standard Size Four Board Joined Shutters along with these Shutter Hardware to really bring out that homely, cottage house appearance.   It really looks terrific, great job … Read more

Endura-Craft Square Non-Tapered Smooth Column

We are excited to present a column today as we have not had column submissions in quite awhile! Jeff, from Illinois was excited to share with us these wonderful  pictures of his porch, newly fitted with our Endura-Craft Square Non-Tapered Smooth Column!  They look absolutely beautiful and really add to the surrounding. Take a look below! … Read more

Diane Recessed Wood Corbel

Marc, from Southern Carolina wanted to share with us these pictures of his gorgeous fireplace, making use of our Diane Recessed Wood Corbel.   Interested in adding that unique flair to your home? Browse our huge selection of corbels:  

Premium Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters

Frank, from Florida sent us these great pictures of the Premium Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters he recently installed.  They just look awesome and really add to his already beautiful window and doors. If shutters are something you’d be interested in, we encourage you to browse our huge selection of them at:  

Dover Brackets

Adaptable Homes, a company dedicated to building homes that are safe, gentle, accessible, and beautiful by utilizing what is known as Universal Design, has recently used our Dover Brackets to great effect on their recent project. The end product of this house simply looks stunning—definitely a safe haven for anyone to live in. Let the … Read more

Piedmont Ceiling Medallion customer, Maria, from Pittsburgh sent us photos of the very attractive Piedmont Ceiling Medallion. This ceiling medallion is the perfect choice to add the elegance that’s needed, and it is sure to become a focal point of any room!   Great job Maria, we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we enjoy providing … Read more

Westlake Rustic Timber Wood Brace

We wish everyone a wonderful fourth of July! Check out this breathtaking picture that Don, a customer of sent to us. Don installed these Westlake Rustic Timber Wood Braces to really add that finishing touch to his already, beautiful house. Looking to give your property the elegance or style it needs? Consider browsing our gigantic … Read more

Shutter Project

Shutters have become even more popular within the last few years than ever before. Our vinyl line is great for homeowners and contractors looking to renovate a house, with a low price tag. Our decorative vinyl shutters are easy to install and come with installation screws to make for a worry-free application. It’s a great … Read more