Beautiful Copper Weathervanes

We offer an extensive selection of rooftop weathervanes that are sure to brighten the heights of your home. Our collection includes the most well known and classic weathervane ornaments, as well as many delightful modern creations. The Builders Series includes traditional silhouettes in rich and versatile black. The Classic Series includes many of the same ornaments painted in cheerful hues. The Cottage Series includes dramatic traditional figures finished in the warm tones of polished copper, and in the rich and antique textures of blue-green verdigris. We also offer delightful Full Size & Story Weathervanes, as well as many outstanding choices in the Signature and Premium Series. The Stained Glass Series includes traditional finial weathervanes accented with bright glass components, and the Tabletop Series lets you display classic weathervanes in the home.

Our weathervanes are crafted with classic beauty, precision and quality. They are at once aesthetically effective and well made to provide optimal wind direction indication. All weathervane finishes, including polished copper, verdigris, gold and richly hued paint are applied and sealed against the elements. In addition, we offer weathervane hardware crafted in durable powder coated black steel.

Within our weathervane selection, there is a theme for every home and every taste. Whether you favor, animals and nature or sports and pastimes, there is a suitable weathervane at Architectural Depot. Our weathervanes look wonderful when paired with our rooftop cupolas. They also make unique gifts.