Ekena Millwork Southampton Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Ring

From Vancouver, British Columbia, our recent customer, Roman, purchased the Ekena Millwork Southampton Acanthus Leaf ceiling ring.

Roman had a light fixture in one of the rooms, but decided it needed an extra touch to be complete. Unfortunately, a regular ceiling medallion would not make the cut for this project, so he kept looking online on ArchitecturalDepot.com.  What he found was our large selection of ceiling rings. Ultimately deciding on the Southampton Acanthus ceiling ring, he made his purchase and waited for the product to arrive. When it did arrive, Roman installed the ceiling ring by using constructive adhesive and pole jacks to keep it in place for overnight drying. Overall, Roman let us know that he was satisfied with the ceiling ring that he purchased from us.

Traditionally, ceiling rings are sold in both whole and quarter pieces. They are often used in conjunction with ceiling medallions to highlight focal points like chandeliers and ceiling fans. However, customers can use the ceiling ring as a frame to accent mirrors, pictures and wall signs. Delivered factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish, the ceiling rings can be installed in several different ways. The ceiling rings can be installed by either being cut, drilled, glued or screwed into the ceiling or wall.

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Cupola & Weathervane Combo on a Barn Remodel

Cupolas have both functional and aesthetic values that provide ventilation. When a cupola is paired with a copper weathervane, it is a sight to see and admire.

A customer from Montana recently shared his finished barn project that features our cupola and weathervane.  He paired the CW Ohio octagon louver cupola with a copper roof and the Good Directions polished copper elk weathervane. Even from a distance, the copper roof of the cupola and the copper weathervane made the barn shine for all to see! It looks absolutely beautiful.

Made with grade cedar, the wood cupolas are handcrafted and are a lovely architectural accent.  Originally intended for ventilation purposes, the cupolas have progressed into being more than just a functional piece of architecture. In the project picture, the cupola serves a purpose of ventilating the barn, while also serving as a beautiful final piece on the barn. Additionally, cupolas are employed in revival architecture. One could install a lantern in the cupola to light up the interior of the barn. Or one can copy the renaissance era and paint stunning religious scenes on the interior of the cupola. Finally, whether one chooses to use the cupola to imitate revival architecture or not, adding a cupola is a easy way to add value to one’s property.

Our handcrafted weathervanes add a touch of elegance and are the ultimate symbol of American tradition and craftsmanship. Our Artisans use Old World techniques to forge copper, brass and other metals into functional works of art that will stand the test of time.

lastly, please feel free to check out the full collection of cupolas and weathervanes via the links below!



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Unique Use for Ekena Millwork Stratford Wood Brackets

Mark from Lynnwood, Washington recently sent in pictures of how he completed his recent project that included our wood brackets.  His intentions for the Ekena Millwork Stratford wood brackets were not the typical function, but he had his plans set. After purchasing the brackets online, he got to working on his project. Stained and ready to be installed, Mark used the brackets for a shelf he designed to rest on the top edge of a slanted writing table to house his books. The brackets were made into beautiful bookends.

“But I didn’t use them for support brackets. I made a shelf that has, of course, the usual horizontal shelf piece itself, but also a vertical back piece of the same size (red oak also). Designed the whole shelf to rest on the top edge of a slanted writing table. Used these brackets at each end of the shelf to 1) provide connection and stabilization between the bottom and back shelf pieces, and 2) form the side-ends to hold books, etc in place on the shelf.”

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First, each Ekena Millwork wood bracket is crafted in the USA and has the potential of supporting up to 150 lbs, if installed correctly. Wood brackets have traditionally been used on mantels, range hoods and countertop projects, but they are not limited to those projects. In addition, the brackets are available in a variety of wood species and sizes. The selection of brackets is quite large so picking the perfect one should not be an issue. Finally, the wood brackets usually ships in 24-72 hours, so the customer will receive their wood brackets in a timely manner.

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Get the Beach House Look with Fypon Pineapple Finials

All of this cold weather really makes a person want to be on vacation at a beach house. The winter is a beautiful time of the year, but being cold is not all as fun as the movies make it seem! We simply want warm weather to come back.

Apparently, we are not the only one who thinks that! One of our customers, Ruki from Lawrence, New York agreed! Lawrence New York is a beautiful port village that appears to be the location for Ruki’s faux beach house getaway! Hoping to achieve the beach house look, Ruki purchased several Fypon pineapple finials. Strategically placing the finials on the railing in the backyard and the various places inside the home, the house on the village port started to look like a beach house! Simple in design, the pineapple finials proved to be a great touch to the home.

The pineapple is a traditional symbol of hospitality, and the pineapple finial becomes a suitable addition to the interior space. This pineapple finial features a richly detailed full round design and a pedestal base. This finial measures 11 inches high. It becomes a great addition to newels, furniture, and more. The full round pineapple finial is crafted in urethane. Urethane molds with the classic detail that makes it popular. At Architectural Depot, you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost. Urethane is both traditionally stylish and cost-effective. This lightweight material is also moisture resistance and primed when molded. Urethane accents hold paint well and they are perfect for faux finishing.

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Fypon Fluted Pilasters for the Entryway

Are you looking for a simple way to enhance your doorway? Look no further than these Fypon fluted pilasters!

That is exactly what Arthur from Fort Worth, Texas did and he absolutely loves them! His entryway to his home was not always a fortress of comfort as it is depicted below. In fact, Arthur knew he wanted to add more character to his home’s entryway and went perusing around online.  While online, he found the pilasters and purchased them. After waiting for the delivery truck, Arthur received and installed the pilasters. Here is what he had to say about the product itself:

“[They] were easy to work with… [and] turned out great! Thanks!”

Here are some facts about the pilasters that Arthur purchased:

  • Low maintenance product: They are made from urethane, which is a high-density foam, so they will not rot, splinter or split over time.
  • Affordable: This product is fairly priced based and is a long lasting investment to add architectural detail.
  • Simple Way to Enhance Home: The addition of this product on one’s home adds elegance and character.
  • Historic: The fluted pilaster is meant to resemble the columns used in Greek and Roman architecture.

Feel free to look around the collection of pilasters online via the link below!


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Creative Orleans Ceiling Medallion with Chandelier

Our customers are a creative bunch of people; they often amaze our team with their unique takes on the architectural products.

From Clinton Township, Michigan, Yasser purchased the Ekena Millwork Orleans ceiling medallion for his home. More common than not, customers match the ceiling medallion with a nice chandelier. Arthur did this, but with a more creative look to it. He used black spray paint and chalk to create this beautiful look. The ceiling medallion looks gorgeous with the chalk and paint finish, but the addition of the chandelier simply astounded us. Ending with a good note, the customer let us know that he “loves the ceiling medallions” and “will recommend Architectural Depot to his friends.”

Our ceiling medallion collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Our artisans then hand carve an original piece. Being hand carved each piece is richly detailed with deep relief, sharp lines, and a truly unique touch. That masterpiece is then used to create a mould master. Once the mould master is created, we use our high-density urethane foam to form each medallion. The finished look is a beautifully detailed, lightweight, solid construction, focal piece. The resemblance to original plaster medallions is achieved only by using our high-density urethane and not vacuum formed, “plastic” type medallions.

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Turncraft Classic Square Tapered Columns

When a customer has a project and they live in the snow, the customer needs the highest quality material that will last. Thankfully, here at ArchitecturalDepot.com, we can provide durable, long-lasting products for any weather condition!

A couple months ago, one of our sales representatives received a call from Steven from Billings, Montana in regards to columns best suited for the snow. In Steven’s case, there were plenty of sturdy columns available to choose from that would work for the project. Since he was not intending to have the columns be load bearing, the sales representative suggested the best, affordable option that would be best for the project. He recommended the Turncraft classic square column wrap for the Montana man’s home improvement venture.

Fast forward to today, Steven has since completed installing the columns and sent in a stunning picture. The column wraps are holding up nicely in the snowy land of Montana.

The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular PVC for quick, easy assembly and virtually maintenance-free! Classic Craftsman Series Columns are not prone to the same environmental damage as real wood, such as splitting or cracking. Their E-Z Lock joints will not separate due to disproportionate changes in panel dimensions. When two coats of acrylic latex paint are applied, Classic Craftsman Series Columns will deliver years of service as promised by their Limited Lifetime Warranty against rot, corrosion, and moisture damage.

Please feel free to check out the full collection of Turcraft columns here!

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Dalvento Mini Copper Kyoto Finial

All the way from St. Petersburg, Florida, our recent ArchitecturalDepot.com customer, Jennifer purchased the Dalvento mini copper Kyoto finial! The reason for her purchase was like any other; she had a home improvement project that needed a “finishing touch.”

This season was the season to do the renovation project that Jennifer was putting off for some time. First, she perused our online store for different mount options that were both affordable and durable. More often than not, that is a rare combination for a quality product, but she found it on ArchitecturalDepot.com! After placing the order, she received their finials within the next week and worked on installing them. Once it was installed, Jennifer let us know that she was “very pleased how the finial adds the final touch to this renovation project.” Customer comments like that make our day at ArchitecturalDepot.com.

Throughout history, finials have been used as architectural decoration on distinguished buildings around the world. Finials are objects that capture a person’s eye so it makes sense that the finials we sell online have high standards that must be met before being shipped to a customer. Our finials are hand-made from quality materials like durable steel or copper.  Additionally, these particular finials are warranted for up to three years! Lastly, the finial is a perfect finishing touch to any outdoor yard and garden project. Its copper finish beautifully contrasts against the colorful flowers of any garden.

Feel free to check out the full collection of finials online via the link below!


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Noralco Wood Board-n-Batten Shutters

Liz from Allendale, New Jersey is the owner of Pheasant Lane Designs LLC, an interior design company. Recently, she and her husband decided that they were going to remodel their home. They chose to use the Noralco wood board-n-batten shutters on their latest venture.

Though Pheasant Lane Designs was established early last year, it has already done some big projects. For example, they have remodeled the whole front of the house where the shutters are installed. Quality products are their main objective when doing their home improvement projects, so that is what prompted them to use the Noralco wood shutters on the house. The pinewood is a lovely wood species and definitely is durable for exterior use. The green color adds a nice pop of color while contrasting the lovely white snow in the picture. All in all, then end result of the shutters on the home looks fantastic and we are happy to know that Liz and her husband are happy too!

Made of real wood, the Noralco shutters are hand crafted from the most popular wood species and can be clear coated, stained or painted! All shutters come primed and ready for paint if no color has been selected before checkout. Secondly, the shutters can be either mounted with fasteners or installed with functional hardware to have them open and close. Customers have said that the installation process for mounting the shutters is just as easy as the process for installing the functional hardware. In other words, the installation process is easy no matter what the customers’ intentions for the shutters are after purchase. Additionally, the shutters are fully customizable! Customers can select which wood species, shutter width and height, number of boards, color and whether or not to include a shutter cutout. Finally, this product was manufactured in the United States of America; by purchasing the shutters, each customer is supporting American workers!

Please feel free to check out the full collection of shutters via the link below!




Milton Ceiling Medallion on High Ceiling

There is nothing quite like an ornate chandelier paired with a richly detailed ceiling medallion on a high ceiling.  Recently, one of our customers sent us a picture of her Milton ceiling medallion accompanied by a stunning chandelier. The customer, Elie, bought the 54 ¼” diameter ceiling medallion to hang up high, so she did not hesitate to purchase the large ceiling medallion. If she were to purchase a smaller ceiling medallion, it would not have been as striking due to the lack of size. The contrast between the primed white ceiling medallion and the black chandelier with sparkling ornaments was a nice touch.

The Milton ceiling medallion is modeled after original historical patterns and designs. It is manufactured with solid urethane thus making it lightweight yet durable. The urethane medallion is white and has the option of being painted, however, it is factory primed upon delivery. Finally, ceiling medallions are simple additions to one’s home that can enhance the value of the home monumentally.


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