Ekena Millwork Olympic Wood Bracket

Brackets are some of the best selling products on Architectural Depot. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so there are literally thousands of options. Installed in all sorts of ways, the brackets are truly a perfect product for any home improvement project.

Leslie from beautiful Flower Mound, Texas recently had a project of her own to get done. Her goal was to install some brackets and shelves to create an open shelving unit in her kitchen.

She went online to our storefront. There is a huge selection of brackets posted online. Ranging from the common wood brackets to the floating countertop brackets, we have them all. Though the options seemed endless, she eventually made her decision and purchased the Ekena Millwork Olympic wood bracket. She chose the rubberwood material as it is the easiest to paint.

The Ekena Millwork Olympic bracket is a beautiful addition to any home. Available in a variety of species, these brackets ship to the customer fully sanded and ready for your paint or stain. When properly installed, the wood brackets can support up to 150lbs. This gives the customer the flexibility to use the bracket in a decorative or functional manner.

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Square Tapered Craftsman Column for Tennessee Home

Glen from Crossville, Tennessee sent us stunning pictures of his recent home improvement project using our square tapered Craftsman columns. Adding character and depth to his home, the columns make the backyard a more inviting part of the home where great conversations can take place.

The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular PVC for quick, easy assembly. When two coats of acrylic latex paint are applied, Classic Craftsman Series Columns will deliver years of service as promised by their Limited Lifetime Warranty against rot, corrosion, and moisture damage.

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Decorative ekena Millwork Vertical Gable Vent Louver

There are a couple options for getting a new vent, but the main two are functional or non-functional/ decorative. Depending on the intended use, the majority of our customers choose to purchase the decorative louver vent. Appearance wise, there is no obvious difference between the functional and non-functional vents.

Neal from Houston, Texas needed a new vent for his humble abode.  Looking online at architecturaldepot.com, Bill came across several different vents. There were e-vents, ridge vents, vinyl vents, wood vents and urethane vents to pick from for his project. After weighing out all of the options, Bill decided on the decorative Ekena Millwork vertical gable vent.

Manufactured out of urethane, the brick mould style vertical louver vent provides the home with a quality product that is durable and lightweight. Urethane is not only lightweight and durable; it is resistant to both water (melted snow) and insects. Decorative vents are delivered fully primed and ready to paint. Additionally, the vents are incredibly easy to install! All that will be needed to install the vent are a couple of nails and adhesives! Finally, by adding a vent to your home, it easily enhances the look of your home.

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Ekena Millwork Maple Kent Raised Panel Cabinet Column

More often than not, when somebody mentions columns, the idea that comes to mind are tall, load bearing columns with elaborate capitals. Luckily, there is so much more to them! They come in different sizes, shapes, material and applications.

A recent Architectural Depot customer purchased a couple of Ekena Millwork Kent raised panel cabinet column for his kitchen. Our warehouse team shipped the cabinet column fully sanded and ready to be painted for the customer. When it arrived, he went ahead and painted the column to match the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen. The white color of the columns contrasts very well to the stainless steel appliances and wood chairs. At the end of the project, the customer let us know that he was satisfied with the quality of the columns!

Cabinet columns can be used in a variety of different ways. Commonly used as kitchen island columns, these columns are manufactured with quality and intelligent design. We make these in the most common widths and heights to fulfill the needs of most applications. Each column is hand carved, sanded, and comes to you ready for your paint or stain. We use only the highest quality in materials that assures you will get the job done right the first time.

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Ekena Millwork Tirana EnduraWall 3D Wall Panels

Cara from Tennessee recently purchased several Tirana EnduraWall 3D wall panels and used them on her kitchen remodel. Assembling the panels on the kitchen nook, the customer used the panels to create a contemporary artsy look.

Give your room extra depth and dimension by adding a unique 3D decorative wall covering. EnduraWall panels brings your room to life by adding a unique design element that turns an ordinary wall into a focal point. With dozens of designs to choose from, you can transform your room into a talking point or simply give a boring wall new life by using a design that provides subtle texture. Higher-quality and more durable than the standard “fiber” wall panels, our EnduraWall panels are not only perfect for hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail outlets, lobbies, and commercial locations, but also great for homes that simply want to make an impression.

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