Is Crown Moulding Outdated?

Is crown moulding outdated? Out of style? If you’ve wondered this, you’re not alone. Crown moulding is such a classic, historic design element, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if it has any place in the modern day. The truth is more nuanced than a simple yes-or-no, however. Crown Moulding is a timeless architectural element, dating all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. The effect it has on one’s home is distinct, and one has to be sure they are choosing the profile that matches their home’s aesthetic. That makes it a little easy to misconstrue it as being out of fashion because…

Traditional Design Elements Don’t Often Mix With Modern Ones (And Vice-Versa)

See how all of these classical elements work together? It’s all about cohesive design.

Traditional crown moulding profiles look their best in similarly traditional spaces. Likewise, they don’t tend to look very good in more modern design aesthetics. One could say crown is outdated in this sense, but this isn’t a weakness of crown moulding. It just means that a tool designed for one job isn’t necessarily going to function well outside of its intended use. Modern art paintings look right at home in modern design aesthetics, but they clash with a more rustic or classical design space. In those spaces, crown moulding is as timeless as ever.

So is Crown Moulding “outdated?” The answer to that question is going to depend on the space that you’re decorating. Does your home have a rustic, barnyard look? Carved Wood Crown Moulding is going to fit right in there. Do you have a more traditional home, say in a colonial style? Traditional Crown Moulding is as timeless as ever in a space like that. Are you designing for some kind of elegant, classical space like a theatre or a fine restaurant? An Ornate Crown Moulding Profile is going to make a space like that sing.

And who’s to say you can’t use crown moulding in modern spaces at all? You’ll notice I said “traditional” crown moulding profiles look their best in traditional spaces, but that’s only a matter of them matching the surrounding aesthetic. Modern Crown Moulding exists and it integrates flawlessly into more contemporary design aesthetics.

Plenty of Crown Moulding Profiles exist with Modern Spaces in Mind.

Even so, have we been seeing less crown moulding being installed in recent years? Well, sort of…

Crown Moulding *Has* Been Less Common… Since the Pandemic…

There is such a thing as being “outdated” in home design. You don’t see many people mounting stone gargoyles to the sides of their storm drains for example. But then there are just… trends. And trends are influenced by a million different factors beyond the actual quality or relevance of a given architectural element.

So, have we seen fewer people installing crown moulding in recent years? Sure. The drop-off started right around 2020 and… yeah, that makes sense. Crown Moulding can be pretty difficult for a homeowner with little experience to install themselves (Although there are solutions that make it much more accessible for a first-timer). And for some reason, around 2020, it got really difficult to get a professional to come over to your house and install crown moulding for you. But that is changing.

I’m going to allow the words of design expert Tiffani Baumgart of Tiffani Baumgart Interiors to speak for themselves here:

“During the pandemic everyone was adding on to their homes, fast and furious. What was lost in some cases were those incredibly important details that make a home truly feel bespoke. In 2024, we will see more wainscoting, decorative trim molds, baseboards and crown molding with details. Plain ceilings will be very out. Whether it’s coffered or wallpapered, or detailed in some other way, statement ceilings will be huge in 2024.”

There are a Million Different Ways to use Crown Moulding

Even traditional profiles can be used in modern spaces, with the right design in mind.

We all associate crown moulding with simple wall to ceiling transitions, but there are a million different ways to use it. Everyone knows about using crown moulding on kitchen cabinets, but what about on a bookshelf, to give it a “built-in” appearance? Or an armoire for a similar effect? There are even people who stack profiles for a dynamic appearance or an optical illusion effect. Crown Moulding is a classic element, but using it in a unique, one-of-a-kind way? That’s never going to be “outdated”. That’s making your home yours.

And that’s really the important thing, because…

Who Actually Cares if Crown Moulding is “Outdated”?

I don’t think the guy with this home theatre cares if you think his crown moulding is outdated.

Your home is your home and no one else’s. And if anyone out there is actually saying crown moulding is outdated, well they don’t have to live in your home, now do they? Do you like the way crown moulding looks? Do you find the idea of having crown moulding in your living room, bedroom, dining room exciting? Then you should install crown moulding. I guarantee you that your guests are going to have nothing but positive things to say about the beautiful moulding in your beautiful home. And you’re going to get a lot more enjoyment out of staring at your walls and ceilings that you decorated the way you wanted than you will staring at the walls and ceilings you decorated the way someone else wanted.

And let’s be honest. If you’re searching to find out if crown moulding is outdated, it’s probably because deep down, you want to install some crown moulding. So, follow your heart and forget what anyone else has to say about it.

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