Majestic Ceiling Medallion & Rosettes Display from JNK Concepts

Felipe Ospina, Director of Development of JNK Concepts—a company dedicated to bringing worldwide cuisine around the United States also happened to be an Architectural Depot customer!  Felipe requested a wide assortment of ceiling medallions and rosettes to help make his design vision for the Enolo Wine Cafe a stunning reality.

Take a good look below:

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Absolutely surreal. Excellent job, Felipe & JNK Concepts!

All of our customers are awesome, we love them!

The ceiling medallions and rosettes used include Brunswick Ceiling Medallion, Maria Ceiling Medallion, Bradford Ceiling Medallion, Viceroy Ceiling Medallion, Versailles Ceiling Medallion, Kepler Rosette, Traditional Rosette, and Mullin Rosette.

For an extensive list of all the ceiling medallions and rosettes we offer, head on over to either of the links below: