Endurathane Stacked Stone Panels on Ohio Home

Faux rock wall panels are a current architectural trend on the rise. You can see walls in hotels with a faux rock wall behind a waterfall. This works perfectly since most faux rock walls are water resistant.

Hailing from beautiful Ohio, Michael shared with us his finished Ekena Millwork stacked endurathane faux stone panel project! He used the panels to add a textured feel to the exterior of his home. By combining the panels with the already present bricks, the range of complimentary colors truly look great on this home. Finally, the positioning of the panels are perfect! The panels are focal points of the exterior walls.

Rugged in texture and irregularity, Stack Stones offers an informal appeal to architects and designers alike. Our Endurathane faux siding panels are an amazing investment to any residential or commercial applications as they are affordable, incredibly simple to install from interlocking edges, and almost zero maintenance. Anywhere you want the look of rock or stone, these panels will create an impressive atmosphere that is indistinguishable from the real thing. In addition, they are specially formulated to resist moisture, sun fading, insects and pests, so outdoor applications are no problem.

For products similar to the ones used by Michael, check out the link below!