Ekena Millwork Caputo Ceiling Medallion & Ring

When updating your home with beautiful ceiling elements, don’t limit yourself to just one! Ceiling rings make your project stand out and are the perfect addition to a ceiling medallion.

Kevin from Illinois found the perfect match for his room remodel. He used the Ekena Millwork Caputo series ceiling ring and medallion for the project.  By using the medallion as the center focal point, the ceiling rings accents it but does not take away from the small details. In addition, using this method allowed Kevin to have the ceiling space filled in, but not feel cluttered.

Our ceiling medallion collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Our artisans then hand carve an original piece. Being hand carved each piece is richly detailed with deep relief, sharp lines, and a truly unique touch. That master piece is then used to create a mould master. Once the mould master is created we use our high density urethane foam to form each medallion. The finished look is a beautifully detailed, light weight, solid construction, focal piece. Ceiling rings are often used in conjunction with ceiling medallions in highlighting focal points like chandeliers and ceiling fans. However, ceiling rings can also be used on the wall to accent mirrors, photos and photo frames.

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