Urethane Bracket for Kitchen Countertop

Earlier this summer, Whitney from Parkville, Missouri purchased a pair of urethane brackets. The reason for this purchase was to enhance the look of her newly remodeled kitchen. Painted to accent the surrounding walls, the corbels found their permanent homes parallel to the kitchen stove. Overall, she was satisfied with the ending result of his kitchen remodel with the addition of the two brackets.

First, the urethane brackets are a beautiful architectural product that makes a simple statement of style and elegance. Urethane is high-density rigid foam like product. In other words, urethane products are lightweight and quite durable that are quite affordable. Additionally, customers can use this bracket on the inside of the outside of their home since it holds up against water and insects.  In Whitney’s project, she used it above her sink, which will not be a problem. Finally, when the bracket is delivered to the customer, it will come pre-primed white and ready for painting! This is perfect if the bracket will need to be painted a different color after purchase.

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