Ekena Millwork Seville Crossheads on Front of Home

Julie from Colorado shows her patriotism in her project picture!

Pictured below are the Ekena Millwork Seville crossheads beautifully framing the windows of Julie’s home.  She used a combination of different sized crossheads for the different sized windows.

Remodelers, builders, and homeowners looking to enhance their next project by adding more curb appeal to the exterior of a home should consider crossheads. Crossheads are large casings that are typically placed at the top of a window, doorway or large entryway. Made of lightweight, yet durable high-density polyurethane, crossheads are easy for anyone to install. Feel free to choose from an amazing selection of sizes and style that will suit your project needs.

To view the full selection of crossheads, click the link below.