Ekena Millwork Deco Ceiling Medallion

This beautiful ceiling medallion resides in the lovely state of Kansas in the home of a valued Architectural Depot customer named Bill. Its story is like most other Architectural Depot products: it was needed by a customer, chosen, purchased, delivered and installed.  But, with this particular ceiling medallion there was more to its story.

Bill had an idea in mind for the lighting in his living room. He wanted it to be simple and neat, yet elegant. There are plenty of ceiling medallions that fit that description on Architectural Depot, so he looked at them. The choice might have been difficult since there are so many options, but Bill bought the Ekena Millwork Deco ceiling medallion. It arrived to his home within a week or so and he went to work on it. Painting it an elegant shimmer silver color, he installed it and the perfect light fixture to go with it. The original simple ceiling medallion became a chic ceiling medallion with subtle flare.

The Ekena Millwork Deco ceiling medallion is perfect as is in its primed white state or dressed up in a decorative finish. They are composed of solid urethane for maximum durability and detail. It is lightweight which makes it perfect for quick and easy installation. Finally, these medallions can be used in both the interior and exterior of one’s home!

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