Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion with Light Fixture

Tim and Katie from Canton, Michigan sent in gorgeous pictures of their completed ceiling medallion project. They purchased a couple different ceiling medallions, but to keep this post brief, the one we chose to focus on was the Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion.

Delivered in a primed white, the two of them decided to paint it. Katie, an interior designer, went ahead and chose the antiqued bronze and flat gold paint for the medallion. It looks stunning. Perfectly matching the lighting fixture, the newly added medallion truly ties the room together.

Our ceiling medallion collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Made out of lightweight yet durable solid urethane, the medallions are perfect for easy installation. With a couple of screws and adhesive glue, the medallion can be installed to its proper place in a jiffy.  They are fully primed and ready for your paint. Finally, these ceiling medallions are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

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Square Tapered Columns for Backyard Project

Square Tapered Columns for Backyard  Project

Looking through past project pictures, we stumbled upon this particular project. The customer used the Endura-Stone square columns in their backyard. As depicted by the project picture, these columns add timeless elegance to the already lovely backyard scene.

Beautiful and easy to assemble, these columns made this specific home improvement project a breeze! This column is crafted in fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a durable material for modern times, and one that has the elegance of stone. Our FRP columns are comparatively lightweight, easy to install and impact resistant. The columns are resistant to environmental damage that naturally occurs with exterior wood columns because of the fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) material.

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Ekena Millwork Lawson Corbel fo New Mantle Shelf

Suzanne from Georgia sent in some beautiful pictures of her recently completed living room project. She used four of the Ekena Millwork rubberwood small Lawson wood corbel to support her new mantle shelf. “These matched the style/look we were going for perfectly,” she stated in her email to us. We always love hearing feedback from our customers!

The Ekena Millwork small Lawson wood corbel comes in a variety of sizes and wood species. Each wood corbel is carved from the highest quality of wood that passes the quality control. Customers typically use the wood corbels to support mantels, cabinets and counters. When installed correctly, the corbels can support weight with ease. This product is delivered fully sanded and ready to paint or stain.

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Milton Ceiling Medallion on High Ceiling

There is nothing quite like an ornate chandelier paired with a richly detailed ceiling medallion on a high ceiling.  Recently, one of our customers sent us a picture of her Milton ceiling medallion accompanied by a stunning chandelier. The customer, Elie, bought the 54 ¼” diameter ceiling medallion to hang up high, so she did not hesitate to purchase the large ceiling medallion. If she were to purchase a smaller ceiling medallion, it would not have been as striking due to the lack of size. The contrast between the primed white ceiling medallion and the black chandelier with sparkling ornaments was a nice touch.

The Milton ceiling medallion is modeled after original historical patterns and designs. It is manufactured with solid urethane thus making it lightweight yet durable. The urethane medallion is white and has the option of being painted, however, it is factory primed upon delivery. Finally, ceiling medallions are simple additions to one’s home that can enhance the value of the home monumentally.


Project Picture


Cozy Springtime Ceiling Medallion

All the way from Columbia, South Carolina, Ellen sent us a beautiful picture of her installed Ekena Millwork springtime ceiling medallion! With a plan in mind, Ellen bought the ceiling medallion for her living room. Decorated with colorful couches and vibrant flowers, the white ceiling medallion elegantly accented the white moulding trim. Ellen was going to paint it, but decided that since the medallion came primed white, that was sufficient for her.  Finally, Ellen’s dog gave her the seal of approval by cozying up in the living room where the medallion was installed. Overall, the springtime ceiling medallion was up to par with the customer’s standards.

Available to use on both the interior and exterior of one’s home, the springtime ceiling medallion is a perfect fit for any home improvement project.  Notably, this product is lightweight because it is fashioned out of urethane. Urethane, though it is not heavy, is incredibly durable and resistant to the natural effects of weathering. Unlike polystyrene foam, urethane looks and feels like wood and will not warp under high heats.  Additionally, the medallion comes delivered to the customer fully primed and ready for paint or faux finish.  Arguably, most customers leave their ceiling medallions white, but the others that do paint it always let us know that it was easy since they were primed. Lastly, our warehouse team can ship these ceiling medallions within 24-72 hours of ordering it online.  Seldom are these on back order, which is encouraging since they are in high demand.

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Project picture


Fypon Urethane Bracket for Kitchen Remodel

Earlier this summer, Guillermo from Odessa, Texas purchased a pair of Fypon urethane brackets. The reason for this purchase was to enhance the look of his newly remodeled kitchen. Painted to accent the surrounding walls, the corbels found their permanent homes parallel to the kitchen stove. Overall, Guillermo was satisfied with the ending result of his kitchen remodel with the addition of the two brackets.

First, Fypon urethane brackets are a beautiful architectural product that makes a simple statement of style and elegance. Urethane is high-density rigid foam like product. In other words, urethane products are lightweight and quite durable that are quite affordable. Additionally, customers can use this bracket on the inside of the outside of their home since it holds up against water and insects.  In Guillermo’s project, he used it above his stovetop, which will not be a problem. Urethane will withstand both the moisture of the steam and the heat of food cooking. Finally, when the bracket is delivered to the customer, it will come pre-primed white and ready for painting! This is perfect if the bracket will need to be painted a different color after purchase.

Please check out the full collection of brackets and gingerbreads to get an idea of what would be best for your next home improvement project!


Project Pictures





Deria Ceiling Medallion for Wall Fountain

Kim from Villa Rica, Georgia sent in stunning photos of the Ekena Millwork Deria ceiling medallion used in her project! First, she let us know that she used her ceiling medallion to “construct a working wall fountain” for her church’s worship stage. We thought that was quite unique, but then we were blown away with the pictures!

The ceiling medallion is made out of a high-density polyurethane material that allows it to withstand the natural effects of weathering. This is factory primed and ready to paint when delivered. Additionally, the medallion can be place on the exterior or interior portion of the home.

Finally, please feel free to check out the full line of medallions via the link below!


Project Pictures

ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-3 ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-4 ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-1ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-2

Noralco Board-N-Batten Composite Shutters

Current customer favorites from architecturladepot.com are the Noralco board and batten composite shutters. We have received several project pictures of finished shutter projects that all look very beautiful; we have seen so many shutters in so many different colors!

William from Point Pleasant Burrow, New Jersey finished his shutter remodel using the composite shutters he purchased some months ago. Custom to his specifications, the shutters that William purchased added a unique touch to his charming New Jersey home.  In addition, since the shutters displayed a custom tree cutout, they added a friendly forest feel to the home. As a result, the house looks and feels like a genuinely welcoming home.

Noralco board and batten composite shutters provide the look and feel of real wood shutters without any of the maintenance.  First, the normal effects of weathering that usually destroy wood shutters do not faze composite shutters. Secondly, installation for these shutters is a breeze! Installing the shutters on the mounting brackets does not take that much time or effort, just a drill, some screws and measuring tape! Additionally, this product comes in a variety of sizes and custom colors along with the option of having a design cutout.  Finally, these shutters add value and beauty to any home while being affordable.

Feel free to check out our full collection of shutters via the link below!


noralco-batten-board-n-batten-four-board-custom-color-composite-shutters-03-864085-1noralco-batten-board-n-batten-four-board-custom-color-composite-shutters-03-864085-4 noralco-batten-board-n-batten-four-board-custom-color-composite-shutters-03-864085-3noralco-batten-board-n-batten-four-board-custom-color-composite-shutters-03-864085-2

Fypon Decorative Louver Gable Vents on Home

Recently, the Fypon decorative round-louver gable vents have been a big hit with our customers. Therefore, it was no surprise when we received so many wonderful project pictures of our customers using them!

Panteha from Fort Lee, New Jersey just installed her own Fypon gable vent on her home. She sent us these gorgeous pictures. The home already has a white trim around the windows, so the vent perfectly matched its surroundings. Adding a simple statement, the vent calls the attention of all who pass by with its undeniably simple elegance on the front of the home.

The most common use of gable vents are on the exterior wall where two planes of a sloping roof join forming a triangle, which is exactly where Panteha positioned it. Made of urethane material, the gable vents are lightweight and not bulky. By being lightweight, this product is installation will be effortless! Lastly, this decorative gable vent comes delivered fully primed and ready to be painted.

Please feel free to check out our full collection of gable vents via the link below!


fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-8 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-1 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-2 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-3 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-4 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-5 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-6 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-7

Ekena Millwork Sea Shell Wall Sconce

Maggie from Lexington, Kentucky recently sent in some pictures of how she used the Ekena Millwork Sea Shell Wall Sconce in the Lexington Children’s Theater’s production of Disney’s Little Mermaid!  After being painted various colors, the sea shell was ready to make its debut on stage as Ursula’s magic shell.

Typically the Sea Shell Wall Sconce is used as an accent to cabinetry, fireplace mantels and walls as a niche. The urethane shell is lightweight and easy to install.

Please feel free to check out our full selection of other wall niches via the link below!