Deria Ceiling Medallion for Wall Fountain

Kim from Villa Rica, Georgia sent in stunning photos of the Ekena Millwork Deria ceiling medallion used in her project! First, she let us know that she used her ceiling medallion to “construct a working wall fountain” for her church’s worship stage. We thought that was quite unique, but then we were blown away with the pictures!

The ceiling medallion is made out of a high-density polyurethane material that allows it to withstand the natural effects of weathering. This is factory primed and ready to paint when delivered. Additionally, the medallion can be place on the exterior or interior portion of the home.

Finally, please feel free to check out the full line of medallions via the link below!

Project Pictures

ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-3 ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-4 ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-1ekena-millwork-deria-ceiling-medallion-822444-2