Ekena Millwork Wood Gable Vent for Shed Project

Back in the day when everything was fashioned out of hand carved wood, homes had a naturally rustic feel to them. That old-fashioned rustic feel was exactly the goal of recent customer Bill from Mukwonago, Wisconsin for his outdoor project. Naturally, living in Wisconsin provided the perfect setting of naturally present forests and critters of the sort; however, those cause natural problems. Problems included, but were not limited to the expected effects of weathering, woodland creatures nibbling on tools, and rusting, just to name a few.

In efforts to avoid such negative effects, Bill built this beautiful woodshed but needed something for ventilation for those stuffy summer months. This is exactly the reason he and his wife started perusing Architectural Depot’s online store. They were looking for functional gable vents, but not just any gable vents, they needed wood gable vents. Fortunately, we have a grand selection of function wood gable vents that are all made to order in a various selection of wood species!

Bill and his wife ended up ordering the rough sawn western red cedar gable vent for their shed. This gable vent came from the Rustic Collection line meaning all of the products from that line are 100% unique and contain natural variations that the wood species offers! In other words, this vent was custom made for Bill! Additionally, this vent can be painted or stained. The best part about this function vent, for Bill anyway, is that it comes complete with a metal screening to keep out insects and other woodland critters.

Bill sent us his completed project picture and let us know “the vents matched perfectly” and he and his wife “loved how it turned out!”

Check out the full line of gable vents via the link below!