Milton Ceiling Medallion on High Ceiling

There is nothing quite like an ornate chandelier paired with a richly detailed ceiling medallion on a high ceiling.  Recently, one of our customers sent us a picture of her Milton ceiling medallion accompanied by a stunning chandelier. The customer, Elie, bought the 54 ¼” diameter ceiling medallion to hang up high, so she did not hesitate to purchase the large ceiling medallion. If she were to purchase a smaller ceiling medallion, it would not have been as striking due to the lack of size. The contrast between the primed white ceiling medallion and the black chandelier with sparkling ornaments was a nice touch.

The Milton ceiling medallion is modeled after original historical patterns and designs. It is manufactured with solid urethane thus making it lightweight yet durable. The urethane medallion is white and has the option of being painted, however, it is factory primed upon delivery. Finally, ceiling medallions are simple additions to one’s home that can enhance the value of the home monumentally.

Project Picture