Cozy Springtime Ceiling Medallion

All the way from Columbia, South Carolina, Ellen sent us a beautiful picture of her installed Ekena Millwork springtime ceiling medallion! With a plan in mind, Ellen bought the ceiling medallion for her living room. Decorated with colorful couches and vibrant flowers, the white ceiling medallion elegantly accented the white moulding trim. Ellen was going to paint it, but decided that since the medallion came primed white, that was sufficient for her.  Finally, Ellen’s dog gave her the seal of approval by cozying up in the living room where the medallion was installed. Overall, the springtime ceiling medallion was up to par with the customer’s standards.

Available to use on both the interior and exterior of one’s home, the springtime ceiling medallion is a perfect fit for any home improvement project.  Notably, this product is lightweight because it is fashioned out of urethane. Urethane, though it is not heavy, is incredibly durable and resistant to the natural effects of weathering. Unlike polystyrene foam, urethane looks and feels like wood and will not warp under high heats.  Additionally, the medallion comes delivered to the customer fully primed and ready for paint or faux finish.  Arguably, most customers leave their ceiling medallions white, but the others that do paint it always let us know that it was easy since they were primed. Lastly, our warehouse team can ship these ceiling medallions within 24-72 hours of ordering it online.  Seldom are these on back order, which is encouraging since they are in high demand.

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Project picture