Fypon Decorative Louver Gable Vents on Home

Recently, the Fypon decorative round-louver gable vents have been a big hit with our customers. Therefore, it was no surprise when we received so many wonderful project pictures of our customers using them!

Panteha from Fort Lee, New Jersey just installed her own Fypon gable vent on her home. She sent us these gorgeous pictures. The home already has a white trim around the windows, so the vent perfectly matched its surroundings. Adding a simple statement, the vent calls the attention of all who pass by with its undeniably simple elegance on the front of the home.

The most common use of gable vents are on the exterior wall where two planes of a sloping roof join forming a triangle, which is exactly where Panteha positioned it. Made of urethane material, the gable vents are lightweight and not bulky. By being lightweight, this product is installation will be effortless! Lastly, this decorative gable vent comes delivered fully primed and ready to be painted.

Please feel free to check out our full collection of gable vents via the link below!


fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-8 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-1 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-2 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-3 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-4 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-5 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-6 fypon-decorative-round-louver-with-trim-and-keystones-821627-7