Good Directions Avalon Copper Finial

Transformation pictures are one of our favorite types of project photos that our customers send to us. Recently, we received a before and after picture of a customer’s Good Directions Copper Finial project. David from Petersburg, Illinois informed us that he and his wife “had the gazebo for over 20 years” and chose our products to restore it!

Due to the natural effects of weathering and time, David’s gazebo faced some exterior damage. The original wood finial was rotting and David was going to replace it. After perusing, he found the perfect copper finial for his gazebo. Once the project was completed, the project pictures were emailed over to our team here at architectural depot. The pictures highlight the newly installed finials atop of their gorgeous gazebo.

Artfully crafted, Good Directions copper finials is durable and quite sophisticated addition to any outdoor project. Not only are these finials affordable, they are incredibly easy to install for any remodel project! In addition to that, pure copper composes the finial and that helps with the durability of the product. You can be certain that you are buying a quality product for your own home. Finally, finials are simply an eye catching addition to any home or building.

Please feel free to peruse the full collection of weathervanes and finials via the link below!


good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-3 good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-1 good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-2