Heaton Support Bracket Project


In this project, Allan from Kentucky used some of our steel Heaton Support Brackets to further enhance his art deco-themed reception area.

Allan commented, “They look magnificent.”

Steel brackets are perfect countertop, shelf, and cabinetry application.  They provide excellent support and durability and add a polished look to your home.  Our brackets also come pre-drilled for easy installation!

Check out our variety of steel brackets below!



Tomango Egg & Dart Medallion Project

Sarah, from Pennsylvania, sent us this great shot of her recent project.  Sarah uses some Tomango Egg & Dart Ceiling Medallions to further enhance the elegance of the room.

She commented, “We are incredibly happy with the product, and the way they look within the space.”

Medallions are excellent decorative pieces when paired along with ceiling appliances. They can also be used as wall decor!

At Architectural Depot we offer a huge selection of medallions with various sizes, finishes, designs, and shapes.



Gable Pediment Project

Donna, from Illinois, recently added some gable pediments as finishing touches to her exterior household.

Donna commented:

“I really love the completed look that these pieces added.”

Gable pediments are excellent additions to exterior projects.  They are made of urethane and are non-porous, making them resistant to moisture, insects, warping, cracking, or splitting.  They also come primed and ready for you to paint!

Click below to check out the gable pediment Donna used!

Other Gable Pediments

gable-pediment-arches-white gable-pediment-arches-white-2

Wakerfield Ceiling Ring Project

Leslie, from Michigan, sent us these wonderful pictures of her new Wakerfield Ceiling Ring.  Her new ceiling ring is a great complement to her ceiling medallion, and gives her ceiling décor a more complete look.  Thanks to Leslie for sharing her beautiful project!

Interested in purchasing your own ceiling ring?

At Architectural Depot, our ceiling rings come primed and ready to be painted and are perfect additions to our ceiling medallions.


Cwakefield-ceiling-ring-christmas-tree-2heck out our wide varieties of ceiling rings and medallions below!

Ceiling Rings     Ceiling Medallionswakefield-ceiling-ring

Baile Ceiling Medallion Project

Brian, from Alabama, sent us some great shots of his recent ceiling medallion projects.       This post features the Baile Ceiling Medallion he installed and coupled with a ceiling fan. Ceiling medallions are excellent complements to ceiling appliances and can even be used as decorative wall pieces!

At Architectural Depot, we offer a huge selection of medallions with numerous designs that come primed and ready for you to paint.

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Haven Bracket Project

Barbara, from Texas, sent us these pictures of her lovely brackets she installed on her kitchen counter.

Brackets are great decorative applications and, if made of the right material, can double as structural support.  Barbara’s new Haven Wrought Iron Brackets adds structural support and style to her countertop.

At Architectural Depot, we offer a large selection of brackets including urethane, wood, iron, metal, and stainless steel brackets.

Click here to check out our other wide varieties of brackets.haven-wrought-iron-bracket-counter haven-wrought-iron-bracket-counter-2

Panel Moulding and Onlays – Front Dining Room Project

Jessica, from Florida, sent us some awesome shots of her front dining room that she recently decorated using some of our picture frame mouldings and onlays. As you can see Jessica added a gold finish to her onlays and picture frame panels so they would blend it perfectly with the room.

At ArchitecturalDepot, our urethane panel moulding frames and onlays come primed and ready to be painted to your desire!

Check out our selection of panel moulding frames and onlays using the links below!

Panel Moulding Frames       Onlayspicture-frame-wall-panels-onlays-front-dining-room

Felix Ceiling Medallion

Sally, from, Michigan recently purchased a new Felix Ceiling Medallion to complement her light fixture.  Not only did it enhance her ceiling, Sally made note of how the medallion “Easily mounted on the ceiling” and “Formed a nice shape with the windows.”

Our medallions are excellent additions to ceiling appliances, lightweight, and easy to install.  They also come primed and ready to paint and can be used for interior and exterior projects!

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Pearl Beading Moulding

Ron, from Massachusetts, recently completed a cabinet project using some Pearl Beading Moulding.  Ron was missing bead work trim on the bottom left and right side of his drawer. Using our pearl beading moulding he filled those gaps, and commented:

“Your bead work was a great match!”

At Architectural Depot, we offer a variety of mouldings to fit your architectural needs.

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