Ekena Millwork Stainless Steel Bradford Bracket for Kitchen

Keith from Lynchburg, Virginia sent in pictures of how he used the Ekena Millwork stainless steel Bradford bracket in his kitchen. To begin with, the architectural depot customer attached the brackets to his wall and wood shelf. Secondly, he added a metal article to the wood shelf to attach hangers for the kitchen pots and pans. The combination of wood shelf and the steel brackets created a modern, rustic feel. After the rest of his kitchen project was complete, Keith sent in these charming project pictures.

Constructed from stainless steel, the Bradford bracket is perfect for modern homes as most appliances are stainless steel. Not only are these brackets elegant, but also they are incredibly durable! The long lasting steel insures durability for any home improvement project. Additionally, Bradford stainless steel brackets have ¼” material thickness that is perfect for countertop and shelf applications, as seen in Keith’s project picture. Finally, installing these stainless brackets is such a simple task that does not require a long time!

You can buy this bracket or others like it via the link below!


ekena-millwork-stainless-steel-bradford-bracket-821442-2 ekena-millwork-stainless-steel-bradford-bracket-821442-1

Ekena Millwork Acanthus Ceiling Medallion for Minimalist Kitchen

Jennifer from Orange City, Florida had a vision in mind when she purchased the Ekena Millwork acanthus ceiling medallion earlier this year. After a couple months wait, Jennifer sent in beautifully minimalistic photos of her completed kitchen project.

With this in mind, a minimalist, geometric light fixture accompanied Jennifer’s ceiling medallion. Since the light fixture was black, Jennifer painted part of the ceiling medallion black as well. The black and white contrast between the details of the ceiling medallion makes this specific project simply striking. Lastly, Jennifer commented the following: This medallion really added a custom look to my kitchen! I love it!

First thing to remember about the ceiling medallion is that it is made of solid urethane. Urethane is durable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for interior home improvement projects. The acanthus ceiling medallion is delivered primed white and can be painted completely or like the one in the picture. Additionally, the ceiling medallions are available in one piece or in two pieces. Overall, these ceiling medallions are durable, easy to install and can be used on the interior or exterior depending on the project.

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Fypon Wood Grain Urethane Brackets

While we at Architectural Depot receive several charming project pictures, a stunning photo of Fypon wood grain urethane brackets was submitted recently by Sarah from Seminole, Florida that deserves some recognition. Rather than leaving the brackets as the plain primed condition it was delivered, Sarah painted them. By adding the cranberry red paint, the brackets matched the door and the plants in the front of the home. Finally, the customer used her brackets to add dimension to the face of her beautifully colorful home.

Since the material composing the brackets are urethane, the brackets are primarily a lightweight decorative product. Urethane is cheaper than wood, but that does not mean it is not a wonderful quality product. Especially relevant, the fact that the brackets that Sarah used had a wood grain texture made it look like wood. Unlike wood, the urethane material does hold up against water and insects; the brackets can be used outside. Finally, the brackets having simple installation instructions, so adding that simple statement of style to a home isn’t going to be difficult!

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fypon-wood-grain-bracket-819820-2 fypon-wood-grain-bracket-819820-1

Hy-Lite Decorative Windows Shine Light in Home

From Atlanta, Georgia, Suzanne, one of our creative customers, sent a few lovely project pictures.  In her email, she stated that the “tiny bathroom” was “depressing with NO light.” In the pictures, she used a Hy-Lite Oval Window to shed some light in the restroom. After everything was completed, Suzanne wrote: “it is not necessary to have a big space to make a big difference.”

Composed of acrylic material, Hy-Lite decorative glass windows are lightweight and incredibly easy to install. The U-value of this oval window is 0.52. Generally speaking, it is in the lower end of the U-value scale that ranges from 0.25 to 1.25. The lower the U-value, the better the window insulates!

All in all, the decorative windows are both practical and beautiful! Please consider viewing our online selection of decorative windows via the link below!





Remodeled Basement using Faux Stone Panels

Nelson from Urbana, Illinois emailed a few before and after pictures of his remodeled basement project and they look amazing! Before, the basement was a lifeless space to store seasonal goods at best. With a vision in mind, Nelson went onto architecturaldepot.com and looked for a product that would work. He found the Ekena Millwork endurathane faux stone siding panels that he deemed perfect to use for his basement project!

Ekena Millwork’s endurathane faux stone siding panels are not only affordable, but easy to install! In addition to that, the panels are made of high density urethane, so it is guaranteed not to rot, splinter or split which is perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

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1 ekena-millwork-dry-stack-endurathane-faux-stone-siding-panel-pn201nrag-2 ekena-millwork-dry-stack-endurathane-faux-stone-siding-panel-pn201nrag-1

Endura-Stone Columns on Brick House

Matt from Dublin, Ohio sent in some pictures of his completed column project. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Painted white, the endura-stone round shaft tapered columns beautifully contrast the red bricks that construct the home.

Endura-Stone columns are load bearing columns that are designed after traditional columns. Additionally, these columns are perfect for interior or exterior applications.

Check out our full collection of columns via the link below!


col-paintable-endura-stone-column-round-shaft-w-true-entasis-taper-smooth-finish-plan-type-d-03-813605-4 col-paintable-endura-stone-column-round-shaft-w-true-entasis-taper-smooth-finish-plan-type-d-03-813605-1 col-paintable-endura-stone-column-round-shaft-w-true-entasis-taper-smooth-finish-plan-type-d-03-813605-2

Square Tapered Columns for Exterior Home Project

Steve from King’s Home Improvements recently shared his completed square tapered column project. As depicted by the picture, these columns add timeless elegance to the already lovely entry way.

Beautiful and easy to assemble, these columns made this specific home improvement project a breeze! The columns are resistant to environmental damage that naturally occurs with exterior wood columns because they are constructed from expanded cellular PVC.

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Home Remodel – Brackets and Column Wraps

There are just some projects that truly catch our eye here at Architectural Depot and the before and after pictures that Gary from Spruce, Michigan are sure to make your jaw drop. With a vision in mind, Gary used the Ekena Millwork Urethane Richmond Brackets alongside tapered raised panel column wraps to change the “ugly duckling into a swan.”

The Richmond bracket is perfect for any home remodel, whether the intended use is to support up to 20lbs or purely decorative wall décor. The column wrap is just the thing to use in place of an entirely new column; its durable PVC material allows it to cover the structural post with ease while looking elegant at the same time.

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Turncraft Architectural Square Columns for Front Porch

Tommy from Gorman, Texas sent us a stunning picture of his recent home improvement project using our Turcraft Architectural Square Columns. Adding character and depth to his home, the columns make the front porch a more inviting part of the home where great conversations can take place.

The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular PVC for quick, easy assembly. When two coats of acrylic latex paint are applied, Classic Craftsman Series Columns will deliver years of service as promised by their Limited Lifetime Warranty against rot, corrosion, and moisture damage.

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Clarksville Brackets for Kitchen Remodel

Tim from The Woodlands, Texas has recently used our Clarksville Brackets as beautiful additions to his newly remodeled kitchen. Stained to match the other wood products in the kitchen, these brackets make the end product look stunning!

These brackets are one of our most popular wood brackets. While adding simple beauty to the home, the brackets can support up to 250lbs, so they are both beautiful and functional.

Feel free to check out our entire line of brackets via the link below!


ekena-millwork-rubberwood-clarksville-bracket-808277-2 ekena-millwork-rubberwood-clarksville-bracket-808277-3 ekena-millwork-rubberwood-clarksville-bracket-808277-4 ekena-millwork-rubberwood-clarksville-bracket-808277-1