Seville Onlays Project

Patrick from Patchogue, New York has shared with us his latest addition to his gorgeous stairwell. As you can see from the pictures below, each step has been decorated with our Seville Onlays. Onlays are an elegant way to dress up your home and are simple to install.

Our onlays come factory primed and ready to be painted, and are made from solid, yet durable urethane. Click the link below to see our entire selection of onlays!


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Tellson Medallion Project

Patrick, from Canada, sent us these amazing shots of his new Tellson Ceiling Medallion.  Medallions are excellent as standalone decorative pieces and are even better when paired with other ceiling appliances like chandeliers.

Our medallions are easy to install, and come primed and ready to be painted. Check out the link below to explore our wide variety of medallions!

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Vertical Gable Vent Louver Project

David from Davisville, West Virginia sent us this great photo of his vertical gable vent louver as part of a 1890 Victorian house renovation project. As seen in the image below, gable vents are an easy way to enhance the look of an already stunning home.

Our urethane gable vents have the look of a real wood product without the hassle of maintaining one, are resistant to both water and insect infestation, and can survive in temperatures of up to 140°F.

Click here if you would like to see the gable vent David used, or click the link below to check out our entire collection!


Endura-Aluminum Column Project

Daphne, from North Carolina, sent us these magnificent pictures of her new aluminum columns.  After installing these columns, Daphne mentioned, “We get compliments all the time from friends, family and people we don’t even know.  We will definitely refer anyone who wants columns to your company.”

Columns are excellent decorative pieces for residential and commercial use, and our aluminum columns are virtually maintenance-free.

Click here to check out the columns Daphne used!

You can also explore our other types of columns by clicking here!

endura-aluminum-non-tapered-fluted-tan-columns-outside-house endura-aluminum-non-tapered-fluted-tan-columns-outside-house-01 endura-aluminum-non-tapered-fluted-tan-columns-outside-house-02

Tellson and Vienna Ceiling Medallions Project

Shonna from Wadsworth, Illinois recently finished installing her new ceiling medallions. The Tellson and Vienna ceiling medallions accompany her dining room and foyer chandeliers quite beautifully! We offer our ceiling medallions in a variety of finishes and a primed option that is ready to be painted or stained to your liking.

To find a ceiling medallion that’s right for you, click the link below to see our full collection!


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Vinyl Four Board Joined Window Shutters Project

Richard from Hayden, Idaho has recently shared with us his new Four Board Window Shutters. These rustic style shutters are a great way to make your windows stand out and complement any type of house aesthetic.

Our vinyl shutters are quick and easy to install, available pre-colored or in a paintable version, and maintenance free. Click below to see our entire selection of window shutters and find the one you’re looking for today!

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Bedford Ceiling Ring Project

Keith from Cranbrook Custom Homes sent us this beautiful image of his latest project.  For this project, Keith used multiple Bedford Ceiling Rings to create a wonderful ceiling design. The rings Keith used come primed and ready to paint and are excellent complements to ceiling medallions.

Check out our wide variety of ceiling rings using the link below!


Oval Louver Gable Vent Project

Scott from Ballwin, Missouri has shared with us his Fypon Oval Louver Gable Vent. He has beautifully designed a brick decoration around the vent, adding a nice, personal touch that is sure to turn heads!

Fypon gable vents are offered as both functional or decorative and is made from durable urethane; meaning they’re lightweight, resistant to water and insects, and easy to install.

Click the link below to see our full collection of Fypon Louvers and Gable Vents!


Haylynn Ceiling Medallion Project

Kymberli, from Kentucky, sent us these shots of her newly installed Haylynn Ceiling Medallion.  As you can see from the pictures below, medallions are excellent complements to chandeliers.  They are also easy to install, lightweight, and come ready to be painted or stained.  Check out the link below to explore our wide assortment of medallions!

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