Noralco Wood Board-n-Batten Shutters

Liz from Allendale, New Jersey is the owner of Pheasant Lane Designs LLC, an interior design company. Recently, she and her husband decided that they were going to remodel their home. They chose to use the Noralco wood board-n-batten shutters on their latest venture.

Though Pheasant Lane Designs was established early last year, it has already done some big projects. For example, they have remodeled the whole front of the house where the shutters are installed. Quality products are their main objective when doing their home improvement projects, so that is what prompted them to use the Noralco wood shutters on the house. The pinewood is a lovely wood species and definitely is durable for exterior use. The green color adds a nice pop of color while contrasting the lovely white snow in the picture. All in all, then end result of the shutters on the home looks fantastic and we are happy to know that Liz and her husband are happy too!

Made of real wood, the Noralco shutters are hand crafted from the most popular wood species and can be clear coated, stained or painted! All shutters come primed and ready for paint if no color has been selected before checkout. Secondly, the shutters can be either mounted with fasteners or installed with functional hardware to have them open and close. Customers have said that the installation process for mounting the shutters is just as easy as the process for installing the functional hardware. In other words, the installation process is easy no matter what the customers’ intentions for the shutters are after purchase. Additionally, the shutters are fully customizable! Customers can select which wood species, shutter width and height, number of boards, color and whether or not to include a shutter cutout. Finally, this product was manufactured in the United States of America; by purchasing the shutters, each customer is supporting American workers!

Please feel free to check out the full collection of shutters via the link below!