Behind the Scenes: The Warehouse Pt. Two

Have you ever wondered what the inside one of our many warehouses look like? Well check it out!

We have several different warehouses all over the country that are stocked with products available for purchase. Rows upon rows of shelves line the warehouses with products that will eventually be shipped to another valued customer.

Pictured below is an aisle that is dedicated solely to moulding products. There are shelves that just stock the baseboard options to the very front of the picture. Because of the various lengths offered for moulding products, our warehouse team cuts the products themselves and boxes them to be shipped off.

There are warehouses in Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Texas and California, just to name a few. Each warehouse is staffed with dedicated, knowledgeable team members that strive for excellence. From quality control inspections to cleaning up workstations at the end of the day, the warehouse teams get the job done with pride.

Do you want to see how efficient our warehouses truly operate? Well, you can! Place an order online and see the timely manner that it is shipped to you!


Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion with Light Fixture

Tim and Katie from Canton, Michigan sent in gorgeous pictures of their completed ceiling medallion project. They purchased a couple different ceiling medallions, but to keep this post brief, the one we chose to focus on was the Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion.

Delivered in a primed white, the two of them decided to paint it. Katie, an interior designer, went ahead and chose the antiqued bronze and flat gold paint for the medallion. It looks stunning. Perfectly matching the lighting fixture, the newly added medallion truly ties the room together.

Our ceiling medallion collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Made out of lightweight yet durable solid urethane, the medallions are perfect for easy installation. With a couple of screws and adhesive glue, the medallion can be installed to its proper place in a jiffy.  They are fully primed and ready for your paint. Finally, these ceiling medallions are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Check out the full collection of ceiling medallions here!


Ekena Millwork Products in Stage Production of Molière’s Tartuffe

Not too long ago, we received several gorgeous pictures from the Milton Academy in Massachusetts. They ordered several different types of millwork products for the school’s production of Molière’s Tartuffe. Each Ekena Millwork product added immense details to the stage that truly set the time period of the play.

Milton Academy’s stage production of Molière’s Tartuffe.

The Ekena Millwork Emery panel moulding traced the stage with exquisite detail as it glimmered in its fresh coat of gold paint. Made of solid urethane, this particular piece of moulding is durable enough for both interior and exterior uses.

The Ekena Millwork Antonio ceiling medallion overlooked the stage with a looming presence that would not be found in other ceiling medallions. Ornate details from the center outward, the oval ceiling medallions are the perfect addition to any light fixture (or school production).

Straight in the center of the stage sits the beautiful Ekena Millwork Haven onlay. Also made of solid urethane, the Haven onlay is lightweight, yet sturdy! This makes the installation process simple.

Neighboring the Haven onlay are the two Ekena Millwork Marseille onlays. Matching the other detailed pieces of the stage, the Marseille onlays are perfect for this specific project! However, customers often use these onlays as accents on cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels and ceilings.

Finally, there’s the Ekena Millwork Kinsley pierced moulding that frames each doorway and light fixture on the stage. It is modeled after original historical patterns and designs, which was perfect for this play.

If any of these millwork products sparked your interest, please check out the full collection of urethane products offered by Ekena Millwork via the link below!

project pictures


Cozy Springtime Ceiling Medallion

All the way from Columbia, South Carolina, Ellen sent us a beautiful picture of her installed Ekena Millwork springtime ceiling medallion! With a plan in mind, Ellen bought the ceiling medallion for her living room. Decorated with colorful couches and vibrant flowers, the white ceiling medallion elegantly accented the white moulding trim. Ellen was going to paint it, but decided that since the medallion came primed white, that was sufficient for her.  Finally, Ellen’s dog gave her the seal of approval by cozying up in the living room where the medallion was installed. Overall, the springtime ceiling medallion was up to par with the customer’s standards.

Available to use on both the interior and exterior of one’s home, the springtime ceiling medallion is a perfect fit for any home improvement project.  Notably, this product is lightweight because it is fashioned out of urethane. Urethane, though it is not heavy, is incredibly durable and resistant to the natural effects of weathering. Unlike polystyrene foam, urethane looks and feels like wood and will not warp under high heats.  Additionally, the medallion comes delivered to the customer fully primed and ready for paint or faux finish.  Arguably, most customers leave their ceiling medallions white, but the others that do paint it always let us know that it was easy since they were primed. Lastly, our warehouse team can ship these ceiling medallions within 24-72 hours of ordering it online.  Seldom are these on back order, which is encouraging since they are in high demand.

If you liked what you read, please consider checking out our full selection of ceiling medallions via the link below!

Project picture


Project Pictures – 30″OD x 2 1/4″P Dylar Ceiling Medallion

Jane from Cincinnati, Ohio used the 30″OD x 2 1/4″P Dylar Ceiling Medallion for her interior remodel.  The medallion was finished with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White with a dark wax added.  It was coupled with a chandelier purchased from Ballard Design in order to fill the open space in the entryway.  Great job Jane!  For more information on ceiling medallions, visit us here: