Endurathane Ceiling Beams

Many homes have high ceilings that often get neglected because the task of getting a tall enough ladder is unappealing. This should not be the case! Homeowners should take pride in the uniqueness of their home and utilize it. Most commonly, customers who have high ceilings use either photos or art to climb the wall … Read more

Ekena Millwork Jefferson Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions range in an assortment of styles, sizes and shapes. Some are fairly ornate with intricate details, while others are beautifully simple. We offer them all online at ArchitecturalDepot.com. Bill from Yorkville, California purchased an Ekena Millwork Jefferson ceiling medallion for his home. Though this medallion comes in an assortment of different finishes, Bill … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Custom Column Shipping

Columns range in sizes and shapes. Typically, they are large and require to be shipped via a common carrier truck. Our warehouse and shipping teams often build custom boxes for our larger, non-traditional column orders. Each box was carefully designed by our head warehouse member and tested for the best durability and strength. As previously … Read more

Ekena Millwork Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion with Gold Leaves

Our customers are creative and have an eye for art when they start on home improvement projects. This is especially prevalent in our customers who order ceiling medallions. Our standard ceiling medallions have a coat of primer already applied to it, but we have several different options for finishes. Creative customers typically order the standard … Read more

Classic Craftsman Series Columns for Texas Home

Rick from Willis, Texas sent us a stunning picture of his recent home improvement project using our Classic Craftsman Series Columns. Adding character and depth to his home, the columns make the porch area a more inviting part of the home where great conversations can take place. The square column, a timeless style is now … Read more

Little Details: Decorative Vinyl Hinges

Jordan from Good Hope, Georgia ordered a few  decorative vinyl hinges for his recent home improvement project and shared the final outcome with us! These decorative hinges added extra details to the five board shutters on the adorable home pictured below. The little details of these vinyl hinges make a big difference when it comes to … Read more

Ekena Millwork York Ceiling Medallion

Tim and Katie are back on the blog! This is the final ceiling medallion of their home improvement project! They purchased the Ekena Millwork York ceiling medallion. Originally, the ceiling medallion that they ordered came in a primed white finish. Looking at the picture of their picture and comparing it to the item online, the … Read more

Four Board Vinyl Shutters on Brick Home

John from Abingdon, Virginia recently sent us a beautiful photo of the four board window shutters he used on his latest home improvement project! These shutters added a subtle contrast in color that perfectly complimented his home. Easy to install, our shutters are an easy way to add elegance to any home. In addition to … Read more

Ekena Millwork Endurathane Faux Wood Ceiling Beam

Many homes have high ceilings that often get neglected because the task of getting a tall enough ladder is unappealing. This should not be the case! Homeowners should take pride in the uniqueness of their home and utilize it. Most commonly, customers who have high ceilings use either photos or art to climb the wall … Read more

Ekena Millwork Miller Brackets for Bookshelves

Wood shelves and metal brackets are a classic for any home. It brings out chic and woodsy all in one area. Local customer, Zachary from Orange county, was in the market for some sturdy brackets for his newest home improvement project. He wanted to create a shelving area perpendicular to the cork board wall. He … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Bradford Ceiling Medallion with Custom Finish

Typically, most of our customers order unfinished ceiling medallions because they can paint the medallion themselves. Well, we at Architectural Depot understand the importance of getting projects done in a cost efficient and timely matter. While there are some who will still want to purchase unfinished ceilings, this Factory Friday post is for those who … Read more

Fypon Pineapple Finials: Tropical Looks That Won’t Break Bank

Spring is in the air and summer is on the way! We look forward to the beautiful project pictures that our customers send to us. One of our recent customers emailed us their stunningly green backyard that was just renovated. Our recent Architectural Depot customer, Ruki, lives in Lawrence, New York Lawrence, a beautiful port … Read more

Ekena Millwork Brighton Corbel

Heather from Castle Rock, Colorado let us know that she was in the process of updating her kitchen when she purchased the Ekena Millwork Brighton corbel. Once it was installed, Heather reported that she loves it and will shop with us for the next home improvement project. The Ekena Millwork Brighton corbel is part of … Read more

Fypon Crosshead & Pilaster Front Door Remodel

It is easy overlook this part of the home. Though it is used daily, people do not give it a second glance. What is it? It is the front door! Thomas was in the market to spruce up his front door but did not know where to start. Luckily, he was referred to Architectural Depot … Read more

Ekena Millwork Beaded Center Onlay for Outside Garden

Brenda from Northridge, California had a very unique story of how she used the Ekena Millwork beaded center onlay. This is what she had to say: I thought you would like to know that I had a lot of fun with your appliques. The only place in my yard where I could do a vegetable … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Large Custom Wood Brackets

Each and every product featured on ArchitecturalDepot.com has a unique back-story of how it was manufactured and came to be on our site. Sometimes, these products are for out-of-the-ordinary jobs and require very specific measurements that cannot be found in the local hardware store. At ArchitecturalDepot.com, we are the solution to your problems by allowing … Read more

Ekena Millwork Granada Ceiling Medallion

Darla and Richard from New Castle, Pennsylvania were in need of a ceiling medallion to pair with their newly purchased French empire crystal chandelier. They purchased an Ekena Millwork Granada ceiling medallion. Once it was delivered, they used a pearl mist rust-oleum spray paint along with a gold acrylic paint to create a delicate coat … Read more

Ekena Millwork Maple Olympic Wood Brackets

Brackets come in all shapes and materials with different intending functions. However, the basic function of a bracket is to support another object, whether it is a shelf, countertop or range hood. The benefits of purchasing a bracket is obvious, so when Paul from Shell Beach, California purchased several for his kitchen island. He purchased … Read more

Ekena Millwork Orleans Ceiling Medallion with Light Fixture

Last month, recent Architectural Depot customers Tim and Katie bought several ceiling medallions for their home. Of the several options online, they purchased an Ekena Millwork Orleans ceiling medallion for one of the new rooms in the home. Originally, the ceiling medallion that they ordered came in a primed white finish. Looking at the picture … Read more

Ekena Millwork Kent Raised Panel Cabinet Columns

More often than not, when somebody mentions columns, the idea that comes to mind are tall, load bearing columns with elaborate capitals. Luckily, there is so much more to them! They come in different sizes, shapes, material and applications. A recent Architectural Depot customer purchased a couple of Ekena Millwork Kent raised panel cabinet column … Read more

Ekena Millwork Western Red Cedar Olympic Traditional Brackets

Brackets make such bold statements wherever the customer installs them. Typical places to install brackets are, but not limited to, the kitchen, living room, and various types of entry ways. Sent from Farmingdale, New York, Brian emailed us his beautiful project picture. He purchased two Ekena Millwork Olympic traditional brackets. Out of all the wood … Read more

Oval Trims: More than meets the Eye

Tommy from Georgia purchased several oval trims for his latest backyard project. He used them to create the illusion of windows on his backyard fence. By painting the products, the same color as the fence, the trims perfectly create depth to patio area. All in all, this backyard project looks phenomenal and we love how … Read more

Custom Aquamarine Board-N-Batten Shutters

Shutters are the perfect way to add some character to the front of your home. The selection online allows for customers to pick the style, material and color for the shutters and even decide if they want to have a shutter cutout! Mark from Florida could not find the perfect shutters anywhere on our site, … Read more

Craftsman Square Columns for Front of Home

Did you know that we sell square columns? If not, now you know about it! Recently, our customer Jennifer from New Jersey bough some Craftsman classic square columns for the front of her home. Resting on stone figures, the columns had an extra boost in height. With the addition of the columns, Jennifer’s home looks … Read more