Oval Trims: More than meets the Eye

Tommy from Georgia purchased several oval trims for his latest backyard project. He used them to create the illusion of windows on his backyard fence. By painting the products, the same color as the fence, the trims perfectly create depth to patio area. All in all, this backyard project looks phenomenal and we love how Tommy used the trim for a unique design.

Traditionally, this particular trim is intended to accompany a louver or gable vent. It is made from a high density urethane material which ultimately means that the product will be perfectly suited on the interior or exterior part of your home! Additionally, it comes fully primed and ready for paint; make your project your own with a coat of paint or faux finish. Most importantly, the product is resistant to both water and insects. Lastly, installing it is a breeze; simply apply construction adhesive to the back and firmly press it up against the desired location.

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