Fypon Wood Grain Urethane Brackets

While we at Architectural Depot receive several charming project pictures, a stunning photo of Fypon wood grain urethane brackets was submitted recently by Sarah from Seminole, Florida that deserves some recognition. Rather than leaving the brackets as the plain primed condition it was delivered, Sarah painted them. By adding the cranberry red paint, the brackets matched the door and the plants in the front of the home. Finally, the customer used her brackets to add dimension to the face of her beautifully colorful home.

Since the material composing the brackets are urethane, the brackets are primarily a lightweight decorative product. Urethane is cheaper than wood, but that does not mean it is not a wonderful quality product. Especially relevant, the fact that the brackets that Sarah used had a wood grain texture made it look like wood. Unlike wood, the urethane material does hold up against water and insects; the brackets can be used outside. Finally, the brackets having simple installation instructions, so adding that simple statement of style to a home isn’t going to be difficult!

Check out the full line of Fypon brackets via the link below!


fypon-wood-grain-bracket-819820-2 fypon-wood-grain-bracket-819820-1