Funston Rough Sawn Bracket

Last month, Buddy from Jonesboro, Georgia bought a pair of Western Red Cedar Funston brackets for his garage remodel. He chose the brackets for their authentic detail and artisanship qualities. First off, this wood species contain deep red colors in the wood texture that adds depth to the bracket. The garage remodel went from dull, drab and lifeless to this rich, rustic feeling garage door. Secondly, the brackets closely resemble the color of the wood finish on the garage door. Creating a rustic feel, the red wood textures beautifully matched with the vibrant red bricks of the home. Overall, content and satisfied, Buddy made note that he would purchase more products on in the future.

The Funston rough sawn bracket is part of the Rustic Collection featured on our online store. This bracket is not kiln dried, so all of the natural variations that the specific wood species offers will be present.  Additionally, the bracket is 100% unique as in there is not another bracket that is like it. Each wood bracket has unique colors, grains, textures and knots. In addition, this bracket is perfect for interior or exterior use for future home improvement projects. Finally, this bracket is made here in the USA, by purchasing this bracket; each customer is helping support American workers.

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