Ekena Millwork Thorton Craftsman Wood Brackets

Our warehouse teams ship products all over the country for various home improvement projects. Every now and then, we get project pictures back and they truly display both the product and the customer’s creativity. In fact, we received some completed wood bracket project pictures from one of our customers, Nathan from West Bend, Wisconsin, that does just that!

Nathan was searching his local home improvement stores for custom wood brackets. Going from store to store, he found that wood brackets are quite pricey. However, he did not give up on his search! While searching the wonderful World Wide Web, our customer, Nathan, came across architecturaldepot.com and found out what a broad selection of custom-made wood brackets! To his delight, they are extremely affordable! So affordable in fact, he bought two Thorton craftsman brackets!

Nathan installed the brackets after the shipping company delivered them. He used them to help add dimension to his roof overhang. Simple and bold, the brackets proved to be a lovely addition to Nathan’s home. Lastly, Nathan commented, “the brackets purchased from Architectural Depot for this project saved us over $600!” It is safe to say, Nathan is both satisfied with the product and the service that he received.

The Thorton craftsman brackets are custom made by our production team. Since they are custom, they come in a variety of sizes and wood species. Each bracket is 100% unique and contains the natural variations that the different wood species offers! In addition, despite the fact that the brackets are made of wood, the brackets are perfect for both interior and exterior use! Often called sturdy by past customers, this bracket will not fail in its duty wherever the customer chooses to install it. Finally, these custom wood brackets are hand crafted in the USA! By purchasing this product, each customer is supporting American workers.

Please feel free to check out our full collection of brackets online via the link below!


Project pIctures

ekena-millwork-douglas-fir-thorton-craftsman-rough-sawn-bracket-825036-3 ekena-millwork-douglas-fir-thorton-craftsman-rough-sawn-bracket-825036-1 ekena-millwork-douglas-fir-thorton-craftsman-rough-sawn-bracket-825036-2