Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Palmetto Smooth Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is an ornamental moulding that is placed in the 90° angle made by the surface of the wall and the ceiling. They range in styles from simple, classic beauty to ornate and intricate designs.

The crown moulding seen below is composed of urethane material. Urethane is a high density, lightweight foam that is used in the millwork industry heavily. While in a liquid state, the urethane is poured or injected into molds and hardens into the products! Once dried and hardened, our team coats the item in primer so when it is delivered to you, the valued customer, it is ready for paint, faux finish or a gel stain.

Not only is the material long lasting, but the installation process is a breeze! Customers can easily install the product in three easy steps: glue it, fasten it and paint it! We suggest to apply constructive adhesive to the back of the item and pushing it into place, then fasten it with screws and/or finishing nails and finally, paint it the desired color or keep it factory primed white! These products are incredibly easy to maintain. With a simple wipe down with a moist cloth, any dust will come clean off.

With our competitive prices and long lasting product material, these crown moulding items are a steal of a deal. They instantly add value to any room where they are installed, which essentially is one of the easiest investments for your home. Ranging in sizes and styles, certainly there is a crown moulding that will suit your home improvement needs!

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Pictured is the Ekena Millwork Palmetto Smooth Crown Moulding (MLD03X03X04PA).