Beautiful Columns in Backyard

Nothing is better than being able to relax in your own home. On a warm sunny day, it is even better to enjoy the beauty of your own backyard while relaxing on a lawn chair.

Will from Charlotte, North Carolina prides himself on having an exquisite home, which is exactly why he chose to purchase high quality columns. Luckily for him, we have a large selection of columns to choose from! Sometimes, our selection seems a bit much, so the customer calls one of our expertise column specialists and goes into the specifics with them. That is what Will did and he was satisfied with the knowledge that the columnist specialist gave him. After several going back and forth, Will decided on the Turncraft fluted tapered column for his beautiful home.

This Endura-Stone Column is a beautifully crafted addition to any home, one that easily enhances your home with architectural detail. This column features a round, fluted, tapered shaft, completed by a Tuscan style base and capital. It is versatile in form and quite an aesthetically effective enhancement for porches, patios, entranceways and more. The round, fluted column is crafted with precision in fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a truly durable material for modern times. Most importantly, the column comes in a variety of different sizes, so choosing the right column will be a breeze!

Feel free to look through our full selection of columns via the link below!

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