Richmond 3D Wall Panels for Living Room

Check out this sweet living room set up from one of our customers who used our Richmond EnduraWall 3D wall panels! Alexandra from Florida recently purchased several 3D wall panels and used them on her living room remodel. Assembling the panels within a black border, the customer used the panels to create a contemporary art look. By placing the television in the center of the panels, each show that is watched has a depth to it that would not be achieved without the 3D wall panels.

Give your room extra depth and dimension by adding a unique 3D decorative wall covering. EnduraWall panels brings your room to life by adding a unique design element that turns an ordinary wall into a focal point. With dozens of designs to choose from, you can transform your room into a talking point or simply give a boring wall new life by using a design that provides subtle texture. Higher-quality and more durable than the standard “fiber” wall panels, our EnduraWall panels are not only perfect for hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail outlets, lobbies, and commercial locations, but also great for homes that simply want to make an impression.

Considering getting your own wall panel? Check out the broad selection via the link below!


Remodeled Basement using Faux Stone Panels

Nelson from Urbana, Illinois emailed a few before and after pictures of his remodeled basement project and they look amazing! Before, the basement was a lifeless space to store seasonal goods at best. With a vision in mind, Nelson went onto and looked for a product that would work. He found the Ekena Millwork endurathane faux stone siding panels that he deemed perfect to use for his basement project!

Ekena Millwork’s endurathane faux stone siding panels are not only affordable, but easy to install! In addition to that, the panels are made of high density urethane, so it is guaranteed not to rot, splinter or split which is perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

Go ahead and take a moment to view the complete line of siding panels via the link below!

1 ekena-millwork-dry-stack-endurathane-faux-stone-siding-panel-pn201nrag-2 ekena-millwork-dry-stack-endurathane-faux-stone-siding-panel-pn201nrag-1