Beautiful Black Alpha Vinyl Shutters on Home

The subtle addition of shutters can make a great home into a beautiful home. Our customer Scott from Massachusetts recently sent us a project picture of his home with his new Alpha shutters. ¬†Meticulously, he chose to use the shutters on three of his windows instead of all of them. By doing so, he brings … Read more

Mid America Paintable Shutters used for Mirror DIY Project

There are several different styles of shutters out there in the market. There are different sizes, material and shapes that make shutters a unique touch to any project. Recently, Donna from highland Heights, Ohio sent in a project picture featuring a pair of paintable Mid America four board shutters with an arch top. Typically used … Read more

Mid-America Cathedral Shutters on Brick Home

Dave from Andover Colorado sent in their finished project featuring several Mid-America Cathedral open louver shutters. He used the shutters to accompany the front of his home. Ordering in the bordereaux color, the shutters beautifully accented the red toned front door and the flowers in the planters.¬† Finally, Dave let us know that he thinks … Read more

Shutter Project

Shutters have become even more popular within the last few years than ever before. Our vinyl line is great for homeowners and contractors looking to renovate a house, with a low price tag. Our decorative vinyl shutters are easy to install and come with installation screws to make for a worry-free application. It’s a great … Read more