Beautiful Black Alpha Vinyl Shutters on Home

The subtle addition of shutters can make a great home into a beautiful home. Our customer Scott from Massachusetts recently sent us a project picture of his home with his new Alpha shutters.  Meticulously, he chose to use the shutters on three of his windows instead of all of them. By doing so, he brings attention to certain points of the front of his home. His attention to the fine details made this project stand out from the rest.

Alpha shutters are a perfect way to add value to one’s home in the most cost effective of ways. They are quick and easy to install. Because they are made with fade resistant vinyl, they are maintenance free and durable against the natural effects of weathering. Several different color options that range from white to paintable are available. Additionally, customers can send custom color request when ordering the shutters, so they are not limited to the selection of colors available. Finally, there are a variety of standard sizes that the shutters are available in, but there are also custom options too!

To summarize, Alpha vinyl shutters are a great way update one’s home with value. There are standard colors and sizes, but custom quotes can be made to create shutters for the specific project.

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Mid America Paintable Shutters used for Mirror DIY Project

There are several different styles of shutters out there in the market. There are different sizes, material and shapes that make shutters a unique touch to any project.

Recently, Donna from highland Heights, Ohio sent in a project picture featuring a pair of paintable Mid America four board shutters with an arch top. Typically used on the outside of the home, our customer chose to go off the beaten path and install the shutters inside. She painted them with creamy grays with a touch of aquamarine. The customer installed the shutters with a DIY mirror in the middle. We think it looks great!

First, the Mid America shutters are made out of vinyl materials. Vinyl is not only durable, but it also is fade resistant. This is perfect because shutters are installed on the exterior of one’s home! Potential sun damage is a real factor to consider when purchasing exterior shutters. Essentially, these shutters will not crack or fade from being the natural effects of weathering. Finally, the addition of these shutters ton one’s home is the most cost effective way to add value to one’s home.

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project pictures

Mid-America Cathedral Shutters on Brick Home

Dave from Andover Colorado sent in their finished project featuring several Mid-America Cathedral open louver shutters. He used the shutters to accompany the front of his home. Ordering in the bordereaux color, the shutters beautifully accented the red toned front door and the flowers in the planters.  Finally, Dave let us know that he thinks his newly installed shutters “look great” and is pleased with the final outcome.

Mid-America is one of the largest vinyl shutter manufacturer in the nation with high quality products.  Perfect for any type of project, these shutters are long lasting due to their vinyl material. Vinyl shutters will not crack or fade after years of being on installed on the exterior of the home.  Not only are they long lasting, but also they are affordable while also being an easy way to add value to one’s home. If a customer has a specific size in mind, there are custom sizes are available for customers to request! Finally, the Mid-America shutters create the perfect elegant look to one’s home without the hassle of other home improvement projects.

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project picture

Paintable Alpha Shutters on Backyard Shed

Michael from Higganum, Connecticut shared with us his finished Alpha shutter project! He purchased the shutters back in September and remodeled his shed with them. The shutters were bought as paintable, so Michael went ahead to paint them a lovely shade of red. Since the shed is a cream color, the red shutters perfectly accompany the surrounding shrubbery while adding a pop of color. When the project was completely finished, Michael let us know that the shutters were to his satisfaction and “easy to install.”

Alpha exterior vinyl shutters adds both beauty and value to any home. These shutters are made from fade resistant vinyl, which is perfect no matter what part of the country the customer lives. Since they are vinyl, the shutters are incredibly lightweight thus making installation a breeze. Additionally, the shutters come included with shutter spikes and screws. Finally, each shutter has a guaranteed 25-year manufacturer’s warranty!

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Mid America Three Board Window Shutters

Kafui from White Plains, New York recently sent us a beautiful photo of the Mid America Three Board Window Shutters he used on his latest home improvement project! These shutters added a pop of color that perfectly complimented his home.

Easy to install, our Mid America shutters are an easy way to add elegance to any home. In addition to that, these shutters are made of durable vinyl material which will not crack or fade.

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