Ekena Millwork Round Gable Vent Louver for Cambridge Square

Recently, Architectural Depot customer, Mike from Chattanooga, Tennessee, purchased an Ekena Millwork functional round gable vent louver.  The reason for this purchase was for a project in his local outside mall, the Cambridge Square.  He needed an easy ventilation piece the was both functional and low maintenance. His solution was purchasing the urethane gable vent louver online and installing it onto the brick building.

Urethane Gable Vents shine when it comes to looking like a real wood product without all the maintenance that can come with wood. They are moulded from beautiful designs, like wood products, and come to you factory primed and ready for your paint. The functional option will offer better airflow.

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Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Rustic Octagon Gable Vent

Pictured below is the early beginning of the Ekena Millwork octagon gable vent that will ship to a valued customer. This particular gable vent is composed of rough sawn western red cedar wood from the forests of North America. The wood travels quite a distance to arrive in our warehouse in Texas. Our warehouse team measures the pieces of wood and assembles them into the final product.

The custom octagon gable vent is part of the Rustic Collection, meaning it is 100% unique. Because our products are not kiln dried, each item in our Rustic Collection contains the natural variations that the wood species offers. Your wood gable vent will contain unique colors, grains, textures, knots, sapwood & heartwood content. These natural variations are what make the Rustic Collection standout from the rest. Plus they are under a strict quality control team; we do not allow anything less than high quality products to leave our warehouses.

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