Endura-Stone Square Non-tapered Columns

Corey from Minnesota sent in this beautiful picture of his completed column project. Painted white, the Endura-Stone square non-tapered columns beautifully contrast the blue color of the home. Endura-Stone columns are load bearing columns that are designed after traditional columns. Constructed from fiberglass reinfoced polymers (FRP), the column is impervious to insects, rot and moisture. Additionally, these … Read more

Square Tapered Columns for Backyard Project

Square Tapered Columns for Backyard  Project Looking through past project pictures, we stumbled upon this particular project. The customer used the Endura-Stone square columns in their backyard. As depicted by the project picture, these columns add timeless elegance to the already lovely backyard scene. Beautiful and easy to assemble, these columns made this specific home … Read more

Endura-Lite Columns for Lake Home

Columns are one of our best selling products on ArchitecturalDepot.com because of their functionality and customizable designs. They come in a range of heights, widths and styles.  This allows customers to have thousands of options to choose from for their latest home improvement project. Just recently, Jeff from JTC Inc purchased some strong Turncraft Endura-Lite … Read more