Behind the Scenes: Shipping Balusters

Last month, we checked out the Ekena Millwork Arcadian balusters being individually assembled. This week we take a closer look at how our shipping team sends them out.

At first glance, one can tell that balusters are pretty large items and customers never buy just one. Typically, customers purchase several balusters along with other components to create a beautiful balustrade railing. With all of these fairly large items, it makes sense that our expert shipping team uses large, custom build crates to ship the products to the customer. The crates can transport up to 30 balusters for customers with bigger projects. The crate is made out of wood bound with steel strapping and, just for good measure, wrapped with several layers of polyolefin film.

Molded after original historical patterns and designs, the Ekena Millwork balusters are true to make a bold statement of elegance. Balusters are made from lightweight, yet very durable, urethane material that allows it to be resistant to the natural effects of weathering, rotting and insect exposure. The shipping team sends the balusters factory primed and ready to paint or apply a faux finish to each customer.

If you are interested in ordering your own balusters, check out the full collection via the link below!


Fypon Urethane Balustrade on Home

Hailing from Halifax, Massachusetts, Jim from Beantown Home Improvements, Inc recently completed his Fypon balustrade project. Perfectly placed in the front of the two-story home, the balustrade is an additional enhancement to the entry of the house. It is a wonderful compliment to the already present crosshead and round columns. Simply put, Jim’s house already looked quite lovely beforehand, but the balustrade was the piece de resistance!

Fypon products are affordable and highly durable to the extreme weather present in Massachusetts. First, the balustrade is composed of high-density urethane material that can be used either inside or outside of the home. This particular material will outlast resin, plastics, wood and aluminum material balustrades. Additionally, the balustrade will not crack, warp or split; thus making it a low maintenance product. Finally, the balustrade is lightweight and is easy to install! The combination of all of those qualities make for the Fypon urethane balustrade system a perfect fit for any homeowner.

Check out full collection of balustrade and railing via the link below!

Project Pictures



Exterior Balustrade, Columns, & Shutters

Jason from Pocomoke Maryland recently remodeled the exterior of his house.  Both the front and back of the house received complete makeovers.  Some of the products used include a balustrade system, exterior columns, and exterior shutters.  Great job Jason and thanks for sharing these excellent project pictures!