Ekena Millwork Douglas Fir Merced Brace on Gazebo Project

Recently, we received quite the exceptional project picture from one of our customers, Willis Construction.  Dedicated to quality service, Willis Construction helps customer’s build their dream home, one-step at a time.

Their recent project was to build a beautiful wood gazebo. They chose to use several Ekena Millwork Douglas fir Merced braces for their project. “We installed these corbel braces on this gazebo using 3″ coated deck screws, then stained them with the entire structure,” stated our customer. We think it looks great!

First, the Ekena Millwork Merced brace is part of the Rustic Collection. The Rustic Collection is special because it guarantees that each wood product is individually carved and never kiln dried. Additionally, it is 100% unique and contains unique colors, grains, textures and natural knots with each wood product. These natural variations are what makes the Rustic Collection stand out from the rest. Lastly, these braces, and other products in the Rustic Collection, are made in the USA. By purchasing these products, you, the valued customer, are supporting our American workers. Thank you for that!

Finally, if you are interested in ordering your own Rustic wood brace, please feel free to check out the link below!


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Ekena Millwork Galveston Star Rosettes

Michael from Milan, Illinois recently purchased the Ekena Millwork Galveston star rubberwood rosettes for his project. First, he used the wood stars to create an impressively large American flag in a new bakery in his town. Measuring at 28’ in length and 14’ in height, the American flag is huge and the stars needed to be proportionally accurate. Luckily, the Ekena Millwork star rosettes are available in a variety of sizes and wood species. Finally, proud of his work, Michael let us know that the stars were perfect for his project.

Carved with authenticity, each wood rosette is carefully crafted.  First, customers are given several different sizes and wood species, making the Ekena millwork rosette collection quite diverse. Next, these rosettes are beautifully designed to accent other architectural pieces. Customers can use the rosettes to accent pieces of cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels and much more. Additionally, when the rosettes arrive to the customer, they come fully sanded and ready to paint or stain. Finally, traditional wood glue and finishing nails are recommended for easy installation.

Check out the full collection of Ekena Millwork wood carvings products via the link below!


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Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Alberta Gable Bracket

Each and every product featured on ArchitecturalDepot.com has a unique back-story of how it was manufactured and came to be on our site. Sometimes, these products are for out-of-the-ordinary jobs and require very specific measurements that cannot be found in any local hardware store. At ArchitecturalDepot.com, we are the solution to your problems by allowing our customers to give us their custom dimensions for their specific needs. If there was ever a product that met these standards, it would definitely be the Ekena Millwork Alberta gable bracket.

The custom Alberta gable bracket has quite the journey before it ever arrives at its destination. First, the wood for the gable bracket comes from the woods in North America. Chopped, loaded up and transported all the way to our warehouse in Texas, our warehouse team members measures the wood to the precise measurements that our customer has requested.  From there, our expertise warehouse team members assemble each unique part to construct a unique product that is the Ekena Millwork Alberta gable bracket. However, they do not stop there, they double and triple check for quality control; we do not allow anything less than high quality products to leave our warehouses.

That’s just a little peek at what happens behind the scenes of ArchitecturalDepot.com.

If you have a project with special requirements, please feel free to peruse through the extraordinary selection of Ekena rustic corbels, braces, brackets, beams and more:


ekena millwork alberta gable bracket

Cupola & Weathervane Combo on a Barn Remodel

Cupolas have both functional and aesthetic values that provide ventilation. When a cupola is paired with a copper weathervane, it is a sight to see and admire.

A customer from Montana recently shared his finished barn project that features our cupola and weathervane.  He paired the CW Ohio octagon louver cupola with a copper roof and the Good Directions polished copper elk weathervane. Even from a distance, the copper roof of the cupola and the copper weathervane made the barn shine for all to see! It looks absolutely beautiful.

Made with grade cedar, the wood cupolas are handcrafted and are a lovely architectural accent.  Originally intended for ventilation purposes, the cupolas have progressed into being more than just a functional piece of architecture. In the project picture, the cupola serves a purpose of ventilating the barn, while also serving as a beautiful final piece on the barn. Additionally, cupolas are employed in revival architecture. One could install a lantern in the cupola to light up the interior of the barn. Or one can copy the renaissance era and paint stunning religious scenes on the interior of the cupola. Finally, whether one chooses to use the cupola to imitate revival architecture or not, adding a cupola is a easy way to add value to one’s property.

Our handcrafted weathervanes add a touch of elegance and are the ultimate symbol of American tradition and craftsmanship. Our Artisans use Old World techniques to forge copper, brass and other metals into functional works of art that will stand the test of time.

lastly, please feel free to check out the full collection of cupolas and weathervanes via the links below!



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Noralco Wood Board-n-Batten Shutters

Liz from Allendale, New Jersey is the owner of Pheasant Lane Designs LLC, an interior design company. Recently, she and her husband decided that they were going to remodel their home. They chose to use the Noralco wood board-n-batten shutters on their latest venture.

Though Pheasant Lane Designs was established early last year, it has already done some big projects. For example, they have remodeled the whole front of the house where the shutters are installed. Quality products are their main objective when doing their home improvement projects, so that is what prompted them to use the Noralco wood shutters on the house. The pinewood is a lovely wood species and definitely is durable for exterior use. The green color adds a nice pop of color while contrasting the lovely white snow in the picture. All in all, then end result of the shutters on the home looks fantastic and we are happy to know that Liz and her husband are happy too!

Made of real wood, the Noralco shutters are hand crafted from the most popular wood species and can be clear coated, stained or painted! All shutters come primed and ready for paint if no color has been selected before checkout. Secondly, the shutters can be either mounted with fasteners or installed with functional hardware to have them open and close. Customers have said that the installation process for mounting the shutters is just as easy as the process for installing the functional hardware. In other words, the installation process is easy no matter what the customers’ intentions for the shutters are after purchase. Additionally, the shutters are fully customizable! Customers can select which wood species, shutter width and height, number of boards, color and whether or not to include a shutter cutout. Finally, this product was manufactured in the United States of America; by purchasing the shutters, each customer is supporting American workers!

Please feel free to check out the full collection of shutters via the link below!