Ekena Millwork Douglas Fir Merced Brace on Gazebo Project

Recently, we received quite the exceptional project picture from one of our customers, Willis Construction.  Dedicated to quality service, Willis Construction helps customer’s build their dream home, one-step at a time. Their recent project was to build a beautiful wood gazebo. They chose to use several Ekena Millwork Douglas fir Merced braces for their project. … Read more

Ekena Millwork Galveston Star Rosettes

Michael from Milan, Illinois recently purchased the Ekena Millwork Galveston star rubberwood rosettes for his project. First, he used the wood stars to create an impressively large American flag in a new bakery in his town. Measuring at 28’ in length and 14’ in height, the American flag is huge and the stars needed to … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Alberta Gable Bracket

Each and every product featured on ArchitecturalDepot.com has a unique back-story of how it was manufactured and came to be on our site. Sometimes, these products are for out-of-the-ordinary jobs and require very specific measurements that cannot be found in any local hardware store. At ArchitecturalDepot.com, we are the solution to your problems by allowing … Read more

Cupola & Weathervane Combo on a Barn Remodel

Cupolas have both functional and aesthetic values that provide ventilation. When a cupola is paired with a copper weathervane, it is a sight to see and admire. A customer from Montana recently shared his finished barn project that features our cupola and weathervane.  He paired the CW Ohio octagon louver cupola with a copper roof … Read more

Noralco Wood Board-n-Batten Shutters

Liz from Allendale, New Jersey is the owner of Pheasant Lane Designs LLC, an interior design company. Recently, she and her husband decided that they were going to remodel their home. They chose to use the Noralco wood board-n-batten shutters on their latest venture. Though Pheasant Lane Designs was established early last year, it has … Read more

Ekena Millwork Douglas Fir Olympic Brace

Mark from Falls Church, Virginia recently sent in pictures of his completed wood brace project! Painted white to match the front railing, the Douglas fir Olympic brace beautifully accents the rest of the porch. The brace also made a good object to decorate for the holiday season! Lastly, Mark left us with this compliment: these … Read more

Ekena Millwork Thorton Craftsman Wood Brackets

Our warehouse teams ship products all over the country for various home improvement projects. Every now and then, we get project pictures back and they truly display both the product and the customer’s creativity. In fact, we received some completed wood bracket project pictures from one of our customers, Nathan from West Bend, Wisconsin, that … Read more

Ekena Millwork Wood Gable Vent for Shed Project

Back in the day when everything was fashioned out of hand carved wood, homes had a naturally rustic feel to them. That old-fashioned rustic feel was exactly the goal of recent customer Bill from Mukwonago, Wisconsin for his outdoor project. Naturally, living in Wisconsin provided the perfect setting of naturally present forests and critters of … Read more