Behind the Scenes: The Warehouse Pt. Two

Have you ever wondered what the inside one of our many warehouses look like? Well check it out!

We have several different warehouses all over the country that are stocked with products available for purchase. Rows upon rows of shelves line the warehouses with products that will eventually be shipped to another valued customer.

Pictured below is an aisle that is dedicated solely to moulding products. There are shelves that just stock the baseboard options to the very front of the picture. Because of the various lengths offered for moulding products, our warehouse team cuts the products themselves and boxes them to be shipped off.

There are warehouses in Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Texas and California, just to name a few. Each warehouse is staffed with dedicated, knowledgeable team members that strive for excellence. From quality control inspections to cleaning up workstations at the end of the day, the warehouse teams get the job done with pride.

Do you want to see how efficient our warehouses truly operate? Well, you can! Place an order online and see the timely manner that it is shipped to you!


Cupola & Weathervane Combo on a Barn Remodel

Cupolas have both functional and aesthetic values that provide ventilation. When a cupola is paired with a copper weathervane, it is a sight to see and admire.

A customer from Montana recently shared his finished barn project that features our cupola and weathervane.  He paired the CW Ohio octagon louver cupola with a copper roof and the Good Directions polished copper elk weathervane. Even from a distance, the copper roof of the cupola and the copper weathervane made the barn shine for all to see! It looks absolutely beautiful.

Made with grade cedar, the wood cupolas are handcrafted and are a lovely architectural accent.  Originally intended for ventilation purposes, the cupolas have progressed into being more than just a functional piece of architecture. In the project picture, the cupola serves a purpose of ventilating the barn, while also serving as a beautiful final piece on the barn. Additionally, cupolas are employed in revival architecture. One could install a lantern in the cupola to light up the interior of the barn. Or one can copy the renaissance era and paint stunning religious scenes on the interior of the cupola. Finally, whether one chooses to use the cupola to imitate revival architecture or not, adding a cupola is a easy way to add value to one’s property.

Our handcrafted weathervanes add a touch of elegance and are the ultimate symbol of American tradition and craftsmanship. Our Artisans use Old World techniques to forge copper, brass and other metals into functional works of art that will stand the test of time.

lastly, please feel free to check out the full collection of cupolas and weathervanes via the links below!

project pictures

Good Directions Avalon Copper Finial

Transformation pictures are one of our favorite types of project photos that our customers send to us. Recently, we received a before and after picture of a customer’s Good Directions Copper Finial project. David from Petersburg, Illinois informed us that he and his wife “had the gazebo for over 20 years” and chose our products to restore it!

Due to the natural effects of weathering and time, David’s gazebo faced some exterior damage. The original wood finial was rotting and David was going to replace it. After perusing, he found the perfect copper finial for his gazebo. Once the project was completed, the project pictures were emailed over to our team here at architectural depot. The pictures highlight the newly installed finials atop of their gorgeous gazebo.

Artfully crafted, Good Directions copper finials is durable and quite sophisticated addition to any outdoor project. Not only are these finials affordable, they are incredibly easy to install for any remodel project! In addition to that, pure copper composes the finial and that helps with the durability of the product. You can be certain that you are buying a quality product for your own home. Finally, finials are simply an eye catching addition to any home or building.

Please feel free to peruse the full collection of weathervanes and finials via the link below!


good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-3 good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-1 good-directions-copper-finial-before-pics-2





Cupola & Weathervane

Nathan with Cypress Custom Homes recently used this western red cedar cupola along with a polished copper weathervane.  The cupola not only looks great, but provides a means for attic ventilation.  For more information on our cupolas, visit us at  If you are interested in adding a weathervane to an existing cupola, visit us at