Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion with Light Fixture

Tim and Katie from Canton, Michigan sent in gorgeous pictures of their completed ceiling medallion project. They purchased a couple different ceiling medallions, but to keep this post brief, the one we chose to focus on was the Ekena Millwork Ashley Ceiling Medallion.

Delivered in a primed white, the two of them decided to paint it. Katie, an interior designer, went ahead and chose the antiqued bronze and flat gold paint for the medallion. It looks stunning. Perfectly matching the lighting fixture, the newly added medallion truly ties the room together.

Our ceiling medallion collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Made out of lightweight yet durable solid urethane, the medallions are perfect for easy installation. With a couple of screws and adhesive glue, the medallion can be installed to its proper place in a jiffy.  They are fully primed and ready for your paint. Finally, these ceiling medallions are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Check out the full collection of ceiling medallions here!


Endurathane Faux Wood Beams

Many homes have high ceilings that often get neglected because the task of getting a tall enough ladder is unappealing. This should not be the case! Homeowners should take pride in the uniqueness of their home and utilize it. Most commonly, customers who have high ceilings use either photos or art to climb the wall to the ceiling, large fireplaces extended up the wall, light fixture and ceiling medallion combos or beams.

One of our recent customers from California shared their home improvement project with us that featured our Endurathane Faux Wood Beams. Though the customer’s ceiling is not extremely high, it is higher than the normal ceiling height seen in average homes. Before the Endurathane beams were installed, the room looked quite plain. Since their addition, there is more depth to the room and it matches the ceiling fan and nightstands.

Our Endurathane faux wood ceiling beams are an amazing investment, providing an exquisite look to your home interiors. They are not susceptible to common issues of organic wood such as rot, termites and warping so maintenance is virtually zero. Additionally, these beams are lightweight, so installing them on one’s ceiling is a breeze! Finally, the beams are cost effective in the end. They are 2-3 times more affordable, all the while having beams that are indistinguishable from real wood.

If you are considering purchasing your own faux wood beam, check out the full collection via the link below!



Behind the Scenes: Ekena Millwork Dublin Casing

Pictured below are several Ekena Millwork Dublin window and door casing on a padded rack. We use these padded rolling racks to transport larger products. By using these racks, the probability of scuffmarks on the products is reduced exponentially. These particular Dublin casings are on their way to be trimmed by one of our warehouse team members. After they are trimmed and inspected for quality control, the Dublin casings will be packaged and shipped to the customer.

Our beautiful casing adds a decorative, historic, feel to walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces. They are made from a high density urethane which gives each piece the unique details that mimic that of traditional plaster and wood designs, but at a fraction of the weight. This means a simple and easy installation for you. These are also commonly used for an inexpensive wainscot look.

If you are looking for other urethane products for your home, feel free to check out the collection of Ekena Millwork urethane products, including casing, via the link below.



Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion

Martin from Wheaton, Illinois purchased an Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion not too long ago and just sent us his finished project picture. Wow. It looks amazing.

He painted the ceiling medallion an antique bronze color to match the light fixture. There was a seamless transition between the end of the ceiling medallion and the beginning of the light fixture. The fine details of the ceiling medallion mimicked the wrought iron braces of the light. Martin did a wonderful job on his project by making every detail count.

The Ekena Millwork Tristan Ceiling Medallion comes in a standard factory primed white color that is easy to paint or apply a faux finish. However, there are so many more options to choose from that are available online. Customers can pick a colored finish, whether or not the medallion is split in two or whether there is a center hole drilled out. The combinations are endless, so finding the right ceiling medallion for your next home improvement project will be easy.

Feel free to check out the full collection of ceiling medallions online via the link below!



Behind the Scenes: Two Piece Ceiling Medallions Part 2

There are several different styles to choose from, so why go with a two piece ceiling medallion? Well, we came up with a couple extra reasons via the list below. Check them out!

Saves time and money

  1. You don’t have to remove the light or fan fixture to install the ceiling medallion, or run the risk of damaging your property.
  2. You don’t have to cut the medallion yourself.
  3. At Architectural Depot, our warehouse team takes the time to cut clean, straight lines.
  4. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to install!

Allows for more creativity

  1. Who says you have to only use them on ceilings? Use it to create beautiful wall décor.
  2. Purchase a variety of different styles and mix-n-match different halves for a unique look.
  3. Two piece ceiling medallions can be used either together or separately.
  4. The two pieces can be painted or stained different shades to add contrast and depth – or just leave it factory white!
  5. Each customer is unique and there is never a project that is 100% the same as another
  6. They can be used to create a unique picture frame for a photo of a family member.
  7. The two piece ceiling medallion can be used to make a decorative mirror.

Two-ceiling medallions make home improvement projects a breeze.  They save both time and money, along with potential frustrations of removing light fixtures or fans. Plus, creating unique looks for your home is quick and fun with two piece ceiling medallions!

Check out the full collection via the link below!