A Fresh Take on Ekena Millwork Ceiling Medallions & Rosettes

Ceiling medallions are known to be accents to beautiful light fixtures, but that is not the only use they have!

Our recent customer, Lorraine from Maspeth, New York purchased multiple medallions and rosettes from the Ekena Millwork line and used them to decorate her room. She painted them to match the colors of her bedspread and we thing it looks absolutely perfect! The medallions and rosettes add character to the wall behind the bed and the color definitely makes them stand out!

The Ekena Ceiling Medallions are durable, yet lightweight because they are made from high-density urethane. When the product is ordered, our warehouse team puts a coat of primer for the customer to easily paint or apply a faux finish. Additionally, customers can install the medallions with two easy steps of adhesive glue and fasten with a pin nailer. Finally, the medallions are in stock and available for immediate shipment!

Ekena Millwork rosettes make the project by our customer picture perfect! The small rosettes beautifully contrast the larger sizes of the ceiling medallions. Like the medallions, these rosettes are made  of solid urethane thus making them both lightweight and long-lasting. Typically, rosettes are used to accent pieces of cabinetry, furniture, and other pieces of moulding, but with Lorraine’s project, that was not the case. Those rosettes simply became the perfect wall décor! Finally, the Ekena Millwork rosettes ship within 24-72 hours so they are delivered to customers in a promptly manner.

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Project PIctures

Pictured are the following medallions and rosettes: Bailey Ceiling Medallion (CM18BI), Medway Round Rosette (ROS02X02ME), Helene Rosette (ROS03X03HE), Logan Rosette (ROS03LO), Ashley Rosette (ROS06AS) and Chesterfield Rosette (ROS06X06CH).

Ekena Millwork Galveston Star Rosettes

Michael from Milan, Illinois recently purchased the Ekena Millwork Galveston star rubberwood rosettes for his project. First, he used the wood stars to create an impressively large American flag in a new bakery in his town. Measuring at 28’ in length and 14’ in height, the American flag is huge and the stars needed to be proportionally accurate. Luckily, the Ekena Millwork star rosettes are available in a variety of sizes and wood species. Finally, proud of his work, Michael let us know that the stars were perfect for his project.

Carved with authenticity, each wood rosette is carefully crafted.  First, customers are given several different sizes and wood species, making the Ekena millwork rosette collection quite diverse. Next, these rosettes are beautifully designed to accent other architectural pieces. Customers can use the rosettes to accent pieces of cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels and much more. Additionally, when the rosettes arrive to the customer, they come fully sanded and ready to paint or stain. Finally, traditional wood glue and finishing nails are recommended for easy installation.

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project pictures