Endura-Stone Square Non-tapered Columns

Corey from Minnesota sent in this beautiful picture of his completed column project. Painted white, the Endura-Stone square non-tapered columns beautifully contrast the blue color of the home.

Endura-Stone columns are load bearing columns that are designed after traditional columns. Constructed from fiberglass reinfoced polymers (FRP), the column is impervious to insects, rot and moisture. Additionally, these columns are perfect for interior or exterior applications.

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Square Tapered Columns for Backyard Project

Square Tapered Columns for Backyard  Project

Looking through past project pictures, we stumbled upon this particular project. The customer used the Endura-Stone square columns in their backyard. As depicted by the project picture, these columns add timeless elegance to the already lovely backyard scene.

Beautiful and easy to assemble, these columns made this specific home improvement project a breeze! This column is crafted in fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a durable material for modern times, and one that has the elegance of stone. Our FRP columns are comparatively lightweight, easy to install and impact resistant. The columns are resistant to environmental damage that naturally occurs with exterior wood columns because of the fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) material.

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Endura-Stone Columns Used to Create a Raised Bed

Last month, we received some beautiful project pictures that featured several Endura-Stone columns. BrightView Landscape Services, the customer, utilized the columns to create a custom raised bed for a college campus. We love how it fits with the surrounding quad area and adds functionality to the vicinity.

Both beautiful and functional, the Endura-Stone columns are every homeowners dream column. When properly installed, each column is fully load bearing. Traditionally stunning with modern durability,  these columns are perfect for both interior and exterior applications as they are impervious to insects rotting and moisture damage.  Finally, the customer has the option of applying a coat of paint or a faux finish to the column to perfectly fit the project’s needs.

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Endura-Stone Columns for Living Room

Unique to each project, columns are a perfect way to enhance the look and value of one’s home. Columns have many uses, depending on the project’s needs. Ranging in height and material, there is a column that will perfectly suit your next home improvement venture.

Recently, one of our customers from Lago Vista, Texas named Rita shared her excellent project pictures with us. Impressive in size, Rita’s home uses the open space beautifully with our sturdy Turncraft Endura-Stone columns. This project is unique because it shows that large columns are for the interior of the home too! The set up of the columns create a regal look to the living room.

The Turncraft Endura-Stone columns are historically inspired and load bearing. Constructed from fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) material, the columns are perfect for interior or exterior applications. Additionally, the FRP material is impervious to insects, rotting and moisture. Another great quality of this column is that it is ready to paint when it arrives to the customer. Customers can either leave the column in its original white finish or paint it the color of their choosing.

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