Ekena Millwork Brighton Corbel

Heather from Castle Rock, Colorado let us know that she was in the process of updating her kitchen when she purchased the Ekena Millwork Brighton corbel. Once it was installed, Heather reported that she loves it and will shop with us for the next home improvement project.

The Ekena Millwork Brighton corbel is part of the Rustic Collection of corbels. Our Rustic wood millwork utilizes the technologies of today to build the ‘log and timber’ wood products that have been in architecture for centuries. Because our products are not kiln dried, each item in our Rustic Collection is 100% unique and will contain the natural variations that the wood species offers. Your wood bracket, corbel, rafter tail, will contain unique colors, grains, textures, knots, sapwood & heartwood content and possible sap bleeding, and even natural checking, splitting & cracks. These natural variations are what make the Rustic Collection stand out from the rest.

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Ekena Millwork Maple Olympic Wood Brackets

Brackets come in all shapes and materials with different intending functions. However, the basic function of a bracket is to support another object, whether it is a shelf, countertop or range hood.

The benefits of purchasing a bracket is obvious, so when Paul from Shell Beach, California purchased several for his kitchen island. He purchased multiple Ekena Millwork Maple Olympic wood brackets to not only to support the countertop, but to enhance the appearance as well. Painted white, the brackets perfectly match the rest of the kitchen. The project looks great!

Ekena Millwork wood brackets are the perfect addition to any home improvement project. With proper installation, these wood brackets can support up to 150lbs. The brackets gives you, the customer, the flexibility to use a decorative bracket for support or just decorative use! You can find these brackets in a variety of wood species. Finally, these brackets ship to each customer fully sanded and ready for painting or staining.

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Behind the Scenes: Ceiling Medallions with Finishes

Typically, most of our customers order unfinished ceiling medallions because they can paint the medallion themselves. Well, we at Architectural Depot understand the importance of getting projects done in a cost efficient and timely matter. While there are some who will still want to purchase unfinished ceilings, this Factory Friday post is for those who want a quality paint job on a quality ceiling medallion.

Pictured below is the Ekena Millwork Baltimore ceiling medallion that had the rubbed bronze finish applied to it.

The benefits of having our warehouse team paint the ceiling medallion definitely outweigh attempting to paint it yourself. The most obvious one is that you receive a finished medallion with an even coat, without smudges or air bubbles. In addition, our team will not ship anything less than high quality products. Overall, it will take less time to purchase a medallion that has already been painted rather than doing it yourself. Simply stated, it is more cost effective to purchase the medallion painted rather than taking the risk of painting it yourself incorrectly and having to purchase another one to repaint.

All of our ceiling medallions come factory primed and ready for your paint finish. You can faux finish, paint, faux stain, marbleize, or crackle your ceiling medallion with paints that can be found at most home improvement stores. For those of us who are not so patient or artistic, we offer our complete line of ceiling medallions in the finishes below. Each of our finishes are hand finished by paint artisans and then factory clear coated for a lifetime of beauty.

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*Please note that since they are finished projects, these are now considered custom products and cannot be returned. To read more about our return policy, click here.


Ekena Millwork Kent Raised Panel Cabinet Columns

More often than not, when somebody mentions columns, the idea that comes to mind are tall, load bearing columns with elaborate capitals. Luckily, there is so much more to them! They come in different sizes, shapes, material and applications.

A recent Architectural Depot customer purchased a couple of Ekena Millwork Kent raised panel cabinet column for his kitchen. Our warehouse team shipped the cabinet column fully sanded and ready to be painted for the customer. When it arrived, he went ahead and painted the column to match the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen. The blue grey color of the columns contrasts very well to the industrial kitchen stools. At the end of the project, the customer let us know that he was satisfied with the quality of the columns!

Cabinet columns can be used in a variety of different ways. Commonly used as kitchen island columns, these columns are manufactured with quality and intelligent design. We make these in the most common widths and heights to fulfill the needs of most applications. Each column is hand carved, sanded, and comes to you ready for your paint or stain. We use only the highest quality in materials that assures you will get the job done right the first time.

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Antiqued Silver Finish Miller Brackets

Brackets originally were considered as solely a functional architectural item. With the advancements in technology and the demand for more decorative brackets, the brackets can now be both functional and exceptionally beautiful!

Victoria from New York was on a mission to remodel her kitchen. She needed brackets that could hold up her new countertops. After much consideration, she purchased the Miller brackets with an antiqued silver finish, to add a touch of sophisticated flare. Between the new wood beams and the antiqued silver Miller brackets, the subtle contrast in the new kitchen was appealing and welcoming.

These brackets are designed to be both sturdy and unique. Manufactured with pre-drilled mounting holes, this bracket is quite easy to install. Once installed, the Miller brackets can bear a substantial amount of weight. Finally, the brackets are a striking addition to any home improvement project.

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