Fypon Crosshead & Pilaster Front Door Remodel

It is easy overlook this part of the home. Though it is used daily, people do not give it a second glance. What is it? It is the front door!

Thomas was in the market to spruce up his front door but did not know where to start. Luckily, he was referred to Architectural Depot from a trusted friend. After perusing the site with the thousands of options online, he came across the perfect crosshead and fluted pilaster, so he bought them. Once they were installed, he sent us the beautiful project pictures that are seen below.

Pilasters and crossheads go together quite well. With the addition of both to the front door, it adds visual appeal while being incredibly cost effective. Both items are constructed with lightweight, durable urethane which makes it perfect for both interior and exterior use. They are waterproof, impervious to insects and will not crack, warp or split with fluctuating temperatures. Essentially, this is a simple and elegant addition to any home.

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Fypon Fluted Pilasters for the Entryway

Are you looking for a simple way to enhance your doorway? Look no further than these Fypon fluted pilasters!

That is exactly what Arthur from Fort Worth, Texas did and he absolutely loves them! His entryway to his home was not always a fortress of comfort as it is depicted below. In fact, Arthur knew he wanted to add more character to his home’s entryway and went perusing around online.  While online, he found the pilasters and purchased them. After waiting for the delivery truck, Arthur received and installed the pilasters. Here is what he had to say about the product itself:

“[They] were easy to work with… [and] turned out great! Thanks!”

Here are some facts about the pilasters that Arthur purchased:

  • Low maintenance product: They are made from urethane, which is a high-density foam, so they will not rot, splinter or split over time.
  • Affordable: This product is fairly priced based and is a long lasting investment to add architectural detail.
  • Simple Way to Enhance Home: The addition of this product on one’s home adds elegance and character.
  • Historic: The fluted pilaster is meant to resemble the columns used in Greek and Roman architecture.

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project pictures