Ekena Millwork Miller Brackets for Bookshelves

Wood shelves and metal brackets are a classic for any home. It brings out chic and woodsy all in one area.

Local customer, Zachary from Orange county, was in the market for some sturdy brackets for his newest home improvement project. He wanted to create a shelving area perpendicular to the cork board wall. He let us know that the original plan was to install them on the cork board, but due to the lack of studs on that wall, the perpendicular wall sufficed. The shelves needed to bear an ever-growing book collection along with other miscellaneous items. The goal was to get a sturdy bracket and have it quickly delivered, so he went to Architectural Depot.

He purchased several Ekena Millwork Miller wrought iron brackets in the powder coated black finish. These brackets are designed to be both sturdy and unique. Manufactured with pre-drilled mounting holes, this bracket is quite easy to install. Once installed, the Miller brackets can bear a substantial amount of weight. Finally, the brackets are a striking addition to any home improvement project.

Leaving us with final comments of “they look perfect; I love them” and that the installation was “quite simple,” he joined the millions of other satisfied ArchitecturalDepot.com customers!

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Ekena Millwork Maple Olympic Wood Brackets

Brackets come in all shapes and materials with different intending functions. However, the basic function of a bracket is to support another object, whether it is a shelf, countertop or range hood.

The benefits of purchasing a bracket is obvious, so when Paul from Shell Beach, California purchased several for his kitchen island. He purchased multiple Ekena Millwork Maple Olympic wood brackets to not only to support the countertop, but to enhance the appearance as well. Painted white, the brackets perfectly match the rest of the kitchen. The project looks great!

Ekena Millwork wood brackets are the perfect addition to any home improvement project. With proper installation, these wood brackets can support up to 150lbs. The brackets gives you, the customer, the flexibility to use a decorative bracket for support or just decorative use! You can find these brackets in a variety of wood species. Finally, these brackets ship to each customer fully sanded and ready for painting or staining.

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Clarksville Brackets for Kitchen Remodel

Of all the rooms in one’s home, which one has the best lighting? In case you didn’t know, the answer is the kitchen. With the best lighting, it makes sense that homeowners pay attention to every detail of their kitchen. We at Architectural Depot encourage that and give it our all to help homeowners achieve the look they want with our products.

Sally from Tulsa, Oklahoma recently remodeled her own kitchen and were looking for some final additions above the stove area. They chose to go online and purchase a couple Ekena Millwork rubberwood Clarksville brackets for their kitchen. After the brackets were delivered, she painted them to match the other items in the kitchen. Installing it with adhesive glue and some wood nails, the brackets were put into their place. The brackets created a clear border for the stove area of the kitchen and they look great!

The Clarksville bracket comes in several different wood species. Not only is this bracket beautiful, it also is load bearing, so homeowners do not have to worry about whether or not the bracket can hold its weight. With proper installation, this bracket can support up to 250 lbs. It comes delivered to the customer fully sanded and ready to be painted or stained.

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Ekena Millwork Clarksville Rubberwood Bracket

Timeless, brackets are used in a variety of different home improvement projects. It does not matter if you are an everyday DIY’er or the local contractor, it is agreed that brackets are a great addition to shelves, mantels and countertops because of their beautiful design and functionality.

Recently, Bill from Florida ordered a couple of Ekena Millwork Clarksville wood brackets for his shelf project. Visually appealing, the rubberwood species of wood has a beautiful dense grain making it perfect to be painted or stained. In Bill’s case, the painted the rubberwood brackets a bright white to match the shelf. He let us know that the brackets perfectly held up the bronze and resin dinosaur sculpture that is on display.

We think that the project looks awesome!

The Ekena Millwork Clarksville wood bracket is a best seller among the collection of wood brackets due to its simple beauty. Not only is this bracket lovely, it is also load bearing. Homeowners can use these brackets to help support countertops and shelves. When installed correctly, the bracket can support up to 250 lbs. Additionally, the bracket doe come in a variety of different wood species and sizes. With such a large selection to choose from, there is a bracket that will fit your next project’s needs!

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Ekena Millwork Lawson Corbel fo New Mantle Shelf

Suzanne from Georgia sent in some beautiful pictures of her recently completed living room project. She used four of the Ekena Millwork rubberwood small Lawson wood corbel to support her new mantle shelf. “These matched the style/look we were going for perfectly,” she stated in her email to us. We always love hearing feedback from our customers!

The Ekena Millwork small Lawson wood corbel comes in a variety of sizes and wood species. Each wood corbel is carved from the highest quality of wood that passes the quality control. Customers typically use the wood corbels to support mantels, cabinets and counters. When installed correctly, the corbels can support weight with ease. This product is delivered fully sanded and ready to paint or stain.

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