Mid America Shutters and Custom Headers on Remodeled Barn

Helen from Pittsburg, New Hampshire shared with us her finished barn remodel project. Helen used a couple of our vinyl Mid America products.

First, she used multiple pairs of the Mid America double panel vinyl shutters. These shutters are made of vinyl material and are incredibly easy to install. The combination of both proved to be beneficial for the barn remodel.

Second, Helen used another Mid America product: center cut flat panel custom vinyl header. In addition to the shutters, the custom vinyl header enhanced the look of this recently remodeled barn.

Helen commented:

“We have gotten so many compliments on it.  It has been the talk of our little town Pittsburg, New Hampshire.”

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mid-america-winewberry-colored-standard-size-williamsburg-double-panel-shutters-for-barn-remodel-1 mid-america-winewberry-colored-standard-size-williamsburg-double-panel-shutters-for-barn-remodel-2 mid-america-winewberry-colored-standard-size-williamsburg-double-panel-shutters-for-barn-remodel-3 mid-america-custom-header-center-cut-flat-panel-wineberry-color-on-barn-remodel-1 mid-america-custom-header-center-cut-flat-panel-wineberry-color-on-barn-remodel-2