Get the Beach House Look with Fypon Pineapple Finials

All of this cold weather really makes a person want to be on vacation at a beach house. The winter is a beautiful time of the year, but being cold is not all as fun as the movies make it seem! We simply want warm weather to come back.

Apparently, we are not the only one who thinks that! One of our customers, Ruki from Lawrence, New York agreed! Lawrence New York is a beautiful port village that appears to be the location for Ruki’s faux beach house getaway! Hoping to achieve the beach house look, Ruki purchased several Fypon pineapple finials. Strategically placing the finials on the railing in the backyard and the various places inside the home, the house on the village port started to look like a beach house! Simple in design, the pineapple finials proved to be a great touch to the home.

The pineapple is a traditional symbol of hospitality, and the pineapple finial becomes a suitable addition to the interior space. This pineapple finial features a richly detailed full round design and a pedestal base. This finial measures 11 inches high. It becomes a great addition to newels, furniture, and more. The full round pineapple finial is crafted in urethane. Urethane molds with the classic detail that makes it popular. At Architectural Depot, you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost. Urethane is both traditionally stylish and cost-effective. This lightweight material is also moisture resistance and primed when molded. Urethane accents hold paint well and they are perfect for faux finishing.

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project pictures