DIY Wainscot Look with Ashford Panel Moulding

For centuries, the dining room has been a focal point of the home for families to gather. Naturally, the desire to gather there is fueled by food and familiar memories of other family gatherings. It makes sense that homeowners spend a great amount of time on decorating that particular room to fit their own needs and the needs of future guests.

Michael from Illinois wanted to add a wainscot look to his dining room and found himself on Typically, the wainscot look can be pricey. However, Michael was on and we have the best prices for our products! He purchased the Ashford smooth panel moulding and created his very own picture frame wainscot look!

Our beautiful panel moulding and corners add a decorative, historic, feel to walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces. They are made from a high density urethane which gives each piece the unique details that mimic that of traditional plaster and wood designs, but at a fraction of the weight. This means a simple and easy installation for you. The best part is you can make your own shapes and sizes by simply cutting the moulding piece down to size, and then butting them up to the decorative corners. These are also commonly used for an inexpensive wainscot look.

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