Ekena Millwork Rubberwood Large Olympic Wood Bracket

Open shelving is another up and coming trend for kitchen remodels. It provides a easier access to everyday items or a place to display the non-everyday items. Either way, open shelving is a plus for a newly remodeled kitchen.

Judy from South Amboy, New Jersey recently remodeled her kitchen. Like many other home owners, she is up on the newest trends and wanted to implement them in her own home. Well, the open shelving was the perfect addition to the remodeled kitchen. Notice the use of the Ekena Millwork rubberwood Olympic bracket to add an elegant touch to the shelves.

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of carved wood brackets. With the proper installation, these wood brackets can support up to 150lbs, which gives you the flexibility to use a decorative bracket for support. Available in a variety of species, these brackets ship to you fully sanded and ready for your paint or stain.

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Victorian Styled Gable Pediments

Creating unique spaces for others is a hard task when you have a certain vision in your mind. This is especially true for rental properties like airbnb’s. The little details that are found in these places are worth all the work put in.

Brandon from Idaho recently purchased several Victorian styled gable pediments. He used them to add character to these rental properties. They look so cute on the properties and made the perfect finishing touch.

Urethane gable pediments capture the beauty of traditional pediments crafted in wood. Enrich the exterior of your home and enjoy the superior performance and low maintenance that our urethane gable pediments have to offer. This gable pediment features classic gingerbread details and a crown enriched with spindle details. The urethane gable pediment is precision molded. You will find that when compared to wood, urethane millwork boasts the low moisture absorbency that prevents warping, cracking, peeling and rotting.

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Mounting Block for American Flag

It seems like everyone is hanging some sort of flag on the outside of their home now a days. Well of course! Summer tends to bring people outside of the house and why not make the outside of the house more appealing to look at.

The issue with putting a flag on the outside of your home is that you need to do it properly with a mounting block. This was the case of recent customer Phil from New Jersey.

After purchasing and installing the mounting block, he was able to hang his American flag up for all to see!

The Surfacemaster surface block is made of vinyl materials. They have a limited lifetime warranty which goes well with the fact that it is maintenance-free! This product will not crack, split or fade over the years. Finally, it has made in the USA and by purchasing one of these mounting blocks, you are supporting American workers; we appreciate that!

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Endurathane Stacked Stone Panels on Ohio Home

Faux rock wall panels are a current architectural trend on the rise. You can see walls in hotels with a faux rock wall behind a waterfall. This works perfectly since most faux rock walls are water resistant.

Hailing from beautiful Ohio, Michael shared with us his finished Ekena Millwork stacked endurathane faux stone panel project! He used the panels to add a textured feel to the exterior of his home. By combining the panels with the already present bricks, the range of complimentary colors truly look great on this home. Finally, the positioning of the panels are perfect! The panels are focal points of the exterior walls.

Rugged in texture and irregularity, Stack Stones offers an informal appeal to architects and designers alike. Our Endurathane faux siding panels are an amazing investment to any residential or commercial applications as they are affordable, incredibly simple to install from interlocking edges, and almost zero maintenance. Anywhere you want the look of rock or stone, these panels will create an impressive atmosphere that is indistinguishable from the real thing. In addition, they are specially formulated to resist moisture, sun fading, insects and pests, so outdoor applications are no problem.

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Craftsman Columns for Craftsman Home

Columns can be seen in a variety of different homes in a variety of different styles. Round fluted columns are found in mansions while square columns are found in Craftsman styled homes; both are beautiful.

This column project comes from Manchester, Maryland from our recent Architectural Depot customer, Andrew. We love how the columns frame the main section of the front of the house. It truly draws the eye to the front entrance of the home, almost inviting people to come in and stay a while.

The square column, a timeless style is now available in expanded cellular PVC for quick, easy assembly. When two coats of acrylic latex paint are applied, Classic Craftsman Series Columns will deliver years of service as promised by their Limited Lifetime Warranty against rot, corrosion, and moisture damage.

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