Ekena Millwork Shabby Chic Custom Hutch Project

Looking for great ideas to give your home some personality that represents who you are? A great, inexpensive way to do this is to simply accent your furniture and cabinetry with decorative onlays.

Owner of Second Chance Art & Acessories, Amy Manny, from Minooka, Illinois recently custom built a beautiful hutch for one of her trade designer clients.  By itself, it is already an amazing era-piece — as if there’s a rich history behind it even though it was just built. To finish it off, why not enchant with accent details? Amy achieved this by using Ekena Millwork’s Gladstone Center Urethane Onlay and several Caputo Corner Lindenwood Onlays to create an amazing shabby chic decor! We absolutely love it!!!

We offer an incredible selection of appliques, onlays and rosettes.  These are available in urethane, wood and just recently added, composite. Whatever style, size or material you require for your specific project needs, we’ve got you covered.  They are really quick and easy to install, and can really bring your projects to life!

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Simplified Elegance

Good day everyone!

Today is simple—Architectural Depot customer, Gina, shared with us her newly installed Traditional Ceiling Medallion with Acanthus Leaves. We think this ceiling medallion is quite subtle with just the right of amount of decorative accents for that perfect and simplified, yet elegant appeal to those looking for it.


We love it, Gina! Great job on your project.

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Address Sign Post

Did you know we also offer various products to bring life to your yard and garden? Architectural Depot customer, Tim, was excited to share with us his Address Sign Post!

Take a look:


It is such an unique and elegant way to display your address, from the otherwise run-of-the-mill entryway plaques. Your curb side is sure to be the talk around your neighborhood with this post!

This particular address post is designed to attach to and compliment the Newport Plus, Westbrook Plus, Dover, Signature Plus, Rockport, and Charleston Mail Posts if you want, but it’s perfectly fine by itself also!

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Hanging Address Plaques for Address Arm Posts & Brackets

Custom Address Plaques

Simple & Effective – Builder’s Choice Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters

Hope everyone is well!

Today we have some humble, yet effective Builder’s Choice Vinyl Open Louver Window Shutters.  Architectural Depot customer, Scott, from Massachusetts shared with us just how beautiful these shutters can be.

Take a look below:

builders-choice-vinyl-open-louver-window-shutters-2 builders-choice-vinyl-open-louver-window-shutters-1

Wonderful looking home, Scott!  They look great.

The best part about these shutters is how affordable they are!  It is definitely worth investing in by increasing the value of your home while paying for less—win-win!

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York Ceiling Medallion coupled with Wakefield Ceiling Ring

Architectural Depot customer, Philip, shared with us this really amazing ceiling medallion project.  With some interesting geometric designs and accents coupled with our York Ceiling Medallion and Wakefield Ceiling Ring—not to mention a killer lamp to seal it all together—what you get is a truly unique set, sure to become the focal point of any room.

Just take a look below

wakefield-and-york-1 wakefield-and-york-2

Don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this, till now!

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